Tableware Reductions: Mugs, Plates, Bowls and more from £1 @ John Lewis

John Lewis Mugs pm

I really need a cup of coffee right now, and I think that explains why my subconscious directed me to this offer rather than the kids clothes I was going to look at. John Lewis have some huge reductions on their Tableware, and lots of these very stylish mugs, plates, bowls and other assorted crockery can be yours for just one shiny pound each.

I like the "Old Enough To Remember Analog" mug myself, although the funky geometric designs will probably be preferred by the other members of my household. Some of these are reduced from £5, down to £1, which is 80% off if my maths can still be relied upon.

The 'Coloursphere Mugs' and 'Espresso Cup and Saucer' are available in quite a few different colours, all at £1 each, so you could order yourself a full set of each to fit in with your existing crockery, or choose a clashing colour to brighten things up a bit. I'm thinking my dull kitchen could do with a splash of red...

All of these items can be collected for free from a John Lewis or participating Waitrose store, or Home Delivery charges are from £3.

Right, I'm off to get that coffee.

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