Summit Wine Bottle and Glass Holders £4.99 @ The Range

Summit Wine Bottle and Glass Holders £4.99 @ The Range

This Summit Wine Bottle and Glass Holder is exactly what I need for a Summers picnic. Somewhere to keep my vino without it being knocked over! You can get yourself one of these wine bottle and glass holders for just £4.99 from over at The Range.

Included in this set is a stainless steel garden stake that has a bottle holder on the top. The bottle holder is designed to hold a bottle of wine or any 75cl bottle. There are 2 separate glass holders too.

What a fantastic idea if you are having a picnic or an evening at the beach. All you do is open your bottle, stick it in one of the holders and voila no table needed! Perfect for if you are heading away camping too.

You can also ground them into water to keep your beverages nice and cool.

Home delivery starts from £3.95 or is free on orders of £50 or more.


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  • Gemma T.

    we could've done we these outside the flats :joy: don't know how many drinks I spilt! X

    • Rachel I.

      Omg , every girl should have one of these (well 2, 1 for bottle 1 for glass) x

      • Katherine F.

        Wow!!!!! X

        • Katherine F.

          *runs to the range*

          • Rachel I.

            *clears the shelf* :joy: seriously good idea though x

            • Katherine F.

              Not half! X

            • Nick P.

              I never put mine down to allow for spillage x

              • Stevie R.

                All the wine we've spilt and now we find this :joy: defo need to invest girl x

                • Kylie S.

                  I know, it's even got a bottle one so u don't have to keep going back into the house :joy:

                  • Shay C.

                    We need this to add to our picnic/camping stuff :blush::wine_glass:

                    • Gill D.

                      Brilliant just what I need!!!!:laughing:

                      • Karen W.

                        About time ... great idea ..

                        • LouLou P.

                          Need that this weekend camping

                          • Louise M.

                            :joy::joy: kids would Kick them over! They look fab tho xx

                            • Gillian W.

                              Had these before. Great until you get out of your chair & then kick them over!

                              • Karen H.

                                Perfect,although I never usually spill any :joy:

                                • Emma B.

                                  Let's order them bird! Love them xx

                                  • Deb W.

                                    We don't need them coz we have straws :grin: xx

                                    • Sara B.

                                      Mines not out of my hand long enough to be fair x

                                      • Bobbie R.

                                        I don't have any soil in my garden to plant them in :joy::joy::joy: