STRÅLA Kids Decorative Gingerbread House Review

IKEA sells these DIY STRÅLA decorative lights (£4.50) which, while called a Gingerbreadhouse, could really just be any kind of house, with a light inside. It is an easy, fun, and most of all inexpensive craft, which makes a really nice sideboard, bed side table or child's desk decoration.

I was a bit nervous at first at the idea of a light inside a paper box, but it hasn't given us any signs of being a problem.

So, when you open it up, you find a cardboard flatpacked cardboard house. The parts of the kit are all precut, and partially decorated. The roof has coloured dots on it, and the house itself has squiggly lines around the windows and doors.

It is really easy to put this set together, with easy fold marks and Velcro dots,  it's pretty intuitive. There are detailed instructions provided though, if you get stuck.

Included in the box is a battery operated light with minimal glass exposed, so its pretty child safe, by the looks of it. The lights are LED lights, which are supposed to last for a good 20,000 hours - much longer than the battery is likely to last. It is pretty energy efficient though, and one AA battery lasts for ages.

The house has mat paper over the 'windows' so the light that shines out of it is very gentle and soft. It actually gives off a warm glow, and is perfect for the imagination of my 3 year old.

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