Soundasleep The Original Speaker Pillow £10.99 @ Amazon

Soundasleep Pillow £10.99 @ Amazon

Ever heard of the Soundasleep The Original Speaker Pillow? I hadn't until now. It's most certainly a pillow with a difference. Amazon have it for just £10.99 just now which seems to be £5-£10 cheaper than most other places. There is a two to three week wait on these, so not for you, if you need it in a hurry.

Soundasleep The Original Speaker Pillow is exactly what the name suggests - a pillow with a speaker inside. It's made in the United Kingdom and is like other pillows and consists of a hollow fibre filling. You can listen to music, audio books, or whatever you like to relax to at bedtime... for me it's a hypnosis app.

The speaker is built inside the pillow, and is apparently undetectable. I wondered if it would muffle the sound, but the reviews are good and you don't need headphones. The great thing is that you can control the volume, so that only you can hear your personal music, and your other half can't moan.

You can have the Soundasleep The Original Speaker Pillow delivered for FREE if you have Amazon Prime or are spending £20+. If you don't have Amazon Prime and don't want to spend £20, then delivery is £3.99.

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