Snowman Accessories From £3.49 @ Yankee Candle

Snowman Accessories From £3.49 @ Yankee Candle

CaptureFor our Yankee Candle fans, there are Snowman candle accessories on sale at Yankee Candle right now, with prices starting at £3.49. Orders under £10 incur a £1.99 delivery charge, and under £50 will be £3.95. Over £50 gives you free delivery.

The small and large Frosted Snowman trays for protecting your home's surfaces are £3.49 and £4.49 respectively.

The Small Frosted Snowman 'shade' is also £4.49 and I'm dying to know if it causes little dancing snowman reflections!

The silver Snowman glass sleeves are £5.50 and £6, and are perfect for turning your favourite fragrances into Christmas fragrances - in looks at least!

For something a little more colourful, the Skating Snowman shades are £7.30 and £12.15 and sure to make you feel festive.


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