Slush Puppie Machine £38.69 Delivered (With Code) @ IWOOT

Slush Puppie Machine £38.69 Delivered (With Code) @ IWOOT

OMG! This is the stuff that dreams are made of... who doesn't want a Slush Puppie Machine? You can buy your very own one from IWOOT, and enjoy Slushies all through the good weather. It has an RRP of £59.99, and is selling for £42.99. Use promo code HISGIFT at the checkout and it's only £38.69.

The Slush Puppie Machine is impressive... it can make a litre of Slush in less than 30 minutes.

You do need to buy the Slush Syrup* separately, but that's easy enough to get hold of.

All you do to make the Slush is add salt, water, ice and Syrup to the machine.

These would be great for parties, and I don't see why it couldn't make Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktails.

It's got a 5 star rating, so must be pretty good.

Delivery is FREE of charge!


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  • Kirsty P.

    I’d really like this xxx

    • Leigh E.

      this would be a game changer, vodka in these :heart_eyes:

      • Melissa S.

        :heart: I neeeeeeed one :heart_eyes::laughing: x

        • Melissa S.

          Apparently they aren’t very good according to reviews and they are sold out :weary: x

        • Holly C.

          new addition to the club kitchen??? :heart_eyes:

          • Billie J.

            we should get one!! Summers coming :grin: add some alcohol to it :slight_smile: haha. Xx

            • Claire H.

              Alcohol doesn't freeze

              • Billie J.

                Claire Hedges I’ll mix it in after lol

              • Cassandra T.

                Omg I need this For The summer. Xx

                • Gemma W.

                  It's not working only take 10% off?

                  • Gemma W.

                    It's for 46.99 now

                  • Gemma M.

                    I wouldn’t waste ur money they are a load of shite! U need almost a full bag of ice, and a ton of salt to make a few tiny cups of water and ice lumps! Buy a blender, cheaper, quicker and u use a fraction of the ice that u would use in this!

                    • Gemma W.

                      Hank you I was going to buy but won't now x

                      • Gemma M.

                        Gemma Williams I bought one, thought it couldn’t be that bad after reading all the reviews, but I was wrong! :joy:

                        • Sarah G.

                          We have one never had any problems you have to put the exact measurements in

                          • Gemma M.

                            It wasn’t for us really, it’s a lot of effort when u could just put the ice in the blender and get the same results, and mine made an almighty racket when it was going :joy:

                            • Marie S.

                              i agree, load of rubbish. tried and failed for 3 days. took it back as unfit for purpose as we had tried everything and couldnt get it to work!

                            • Katie L.

                              My mother in law bought one and it was crap,

                              • Jay B.

                                Thats ace :heart_eyes: i wunder how big they are though?

                                • Sarah H.

                                  I l9oked at these but a friend of ours has one and said they are too much faffing about when cleaning it. Would have loved one but CBA with extra chores haha.xx

                                  • Lynne C.

                                    No way I might buy 1 wen I get paid x

                                    • Emma T.

                                      Be nice in the summer with vodka in xx

                                      • Craig B.

                                        I'll be getting one haha xx

                                        • Laura L.

                                          I get one for Ryan thanks x

                                          • Robyn B.

                                            Omg omg omg :heart_eyes: I have to get this haha

                                            • Aja M.

                                              Lol needs to be the tango blast ones tho x

                                              • Sorcha J.

                                                Reviews aren’t good doll lol x

                                                • Dani G.

                                                  He already has enough shit and reviews arent good lol

                                                  • Lisa M.

                                                    I have one in my cupboard!! :relaxed: