Slow Cooker £6.69 @ Argos

slowCooker Oooh I do love slow cookers and Argos are selling this one for half price, £6.69 instead of  £13.49.

This is a rather nifty little 1.8 litre basic slow cooker, hence it's rather nifty little price.

It doesn't have the bells, frills and whistles that come with its more expensive cousins, but it still cooks your dinner for you!

It has a removable crockpot and just three settings - low, high and warm - but if all you want to do is make simple bung-it-all-and-leave-it meals then that's really all you need.

My ex-sister-in-law had a little slow cooker like this year and years ago; she used it for making food for her girls in readiness for mashing up a bit when they were going through the weaning stage.

She said it was marvellous because it wasn't too big, so didn't take up lots of room on the worktop but was still big enough to cook the quantities she wanted.

It probably wouldn't be big enough if you were cooking for my family - me, husband, two (always) ravenous teenagers and a five-year-old BUT for just a couple of you and a small one...ideal.

If you arrange to have this delivered to your home it's going to cost you and additional £5.95; far better to reserve it online and then pay and pick it up for free instore.

Thanks to superdude101 at HUKD

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