Single Cereal Dispenser £7.99 or Double £10.99 @ Groupon

Single Cereal Dispenser £7.99 or Double £10.99 @ Groupon

This will certainly make the morning's breakfast decisions a whole lot easier! My 5 year old would just love one of these Cereal Dispensers at breakfast time! She will love choosing and helping herself to her favourite cereal of a morning, leaving me more time to have a coffee!

These fab cereal dispensers are available at Groupon, prices start from just £7.99. You can fill them with your favourite cereals which you can see in the clear container, turn the handle and out comes your breakfast!

You can choose from either black or white, there's a single dispenser for £7.99 or a double for just £10.99. Not only are they a great way to keep your cereals fresh they also look great too!

They have a removable bottom tray which you can put your bowl on when dispensing your cereal, they are also easy to clean too. There's a soft, flexible paddle wheel which helps prevent the cereal being crushed and dispenses a measured amount with each twist

Home delivery is an additional £1.99.


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  • Lisa W.

    good for the kids to help themselves

    • Kelly A.

      We have this and it's fab. Kids do their own breakfast!

      • Victoria S.

        Handles always came off ours but a novelty for a bit

        • Clare G.

          There cool ae for work xx

          • Kerrie G.

            Yeh that's what I was thinking, double one is only £10.99 xx

            • Laura M.

              We had this is was great but some cereal just fell out, the handle broke on 1 and then in about 4 months it was all broken

              • Chelsea B.

                Not worth buying then ?

                • Laura M.

                  Nope I'd just get some cereal holders from Poundland x

                  • Chelsea B.

                    Il get them cause kids drive me mad it gets everywhere

                  • Leanne G.

                    This is rubbish it crumbles the cereal when you turn the handles

                    • Emma-Louise H.

                      So, good for making sprinkles for ice cream?

                    • Sarah W.

                      We have this the kids love it it's great

                      • Nicola C.

                        I thought it was rubbish all I could put in it was rice crispies and thy fell put

                        • Tiffany S.

                          I have this and it's brilliant keeps cereal fresh :ok_hand_tone2:

                          • Kerry A.

                            Lol these are so cute!! Xxx

                            • Claire S.

                              Oooh! That'd be awesome xx

                              • Sarah S.

                                It crushed the cereal and the handle fell off. It seemed a good idea at the time..

                                • Jennifer S.

                                  I had considered getting the ones for the wall before but I don't have lots of space really

                                  • Diane H.

                                    Handle broke off within a week

                                    • Lindsay T.

                                      :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:.....I have tried and tested these things. They're rubbish. They don't let enough cereal out :joy:. Just better the old fashioned way, milk straight into the box :joy: xx

                                      • Stacey B.

                                        We had this was good for a while, but then crushed the cereal, handle kept coming off and when you clean the bottom the silver comes off

                                        • Joanne L.

                                          Wish they had them in town !

                                          • Siobhan M.

                                            I have these and they are great :) defo worth the money

                                            • Dawn M.

                                              Don't waste your money, I got one and it lasted 3 months before both handles came off and it was only holding Cheerios and rice crispies :scream: