Shower Curtains Reduced @ H&M

H&M has three shower curtains reduced to around half price, selling at £7 or £8. Shipping is £3.90 extra, so remember to factor that into the cost.

If you  have family or friends coming over for Christmas, perhaps spend a few pounds on a new shower curtain to totally refresh the look of your bathroom. It's horrible visiting someone else and seeing years worth of dirt or mould at the bottom of the shower curtain, hanging casually in the bath you're about to step in to. Grim.  And it's totally the kind of thing my mother would pick on if it happened in my house, so before they come over for Christmas, it's new shower curtain time, just in case!

The shower curtains at H&M are water-repellent polyester or soft plastic with a print pattern and eyelets. Sizes differ according to which one you pick and their washing instructions are easily accessible too. For all of them,  you'll need to buy rings separately.

Enjoy your cheaply redecorated bathroom!

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