Self-Heating Pet Bed Just £7 (was £19.99) @ Groupon

Self-Heating Pet Bed Just £7 (was £19.99) @ Groupon

It's definitely a lot chillier over the last few weeks and although we can add extra layers in the cold it's not the same for our pets. I have just invested in one of these Self-Heating Pet Beds for my dog this Winter, she loves being cosy and warm and so I know she will love it!

This pet bed can be yours for the bargain price of £7 at Groupon instead of the retail price of £19.99. It is selling like hot cakes and is only available for a limited time so don't hang around if you want to order.

It works thanks to a thermo-reflective fibre sheet which warms the core by retaining the pet's body heat. It can be placed inside an existing pet bed, directly on the floor or used to travel in the car with.

It has a machine washable cover which is always handy with pet bedding! It is a great idea for puppies who can't retain their body heat very well or for older dogs who have joint problems.

Home delivery is £1.99.


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  • Fran P.

    Wonder if the heat would help Patch xx

    • Helen M.

      Oohhh that looks good I’m gunna look into that cheers chuck xx

    • Claire M.

      - this was made for Brodie

      • Kathryn C.

        can see roxi with one of these

        • Gina D.

          Oh yes ! She would love it lol x

          • Gina D.

            So I've just ordered one :relaxed:

            • Kathryn C.

              haha really? Xx

              • Gina D.

                yeah lol x

              • Sarah H.

                Tabby could have his own!

                • Sarah H.

                  Ooooh, liking it!

                • Michelle B.

                  Gonna get myself one too :ok_hand_tone2::joy:xoxo

                  • Jade G.

                    Dory needs a Christmas present

                    • Ian M.

                      Id rather have the wood burner

                      • Eve E.

                        Got one lol she got more prezzies than anyone xx

                        • Bex B.

                          Yay!! They sound really good!

                          • James A.

                            Scruffy has more bed's than silent night :joy:

                            • Rebecca W.

                              I bought 2 of these ..... rubbish, don't waste your money

                              • Annette P.

                                I bought 1 and I agree :point_up: x

                                • Diane B.

                                  Can I ask why please

                                • Jade A.

                                  I seen these at pets a home didn't know of any good!

                                  • Billy G.

                                    Lol there not feeling the chill x

                                    • Mikeala J.

                                      How funny, I recently got Dave one of these for bed time x

                                      • Tracy H.

                                        He is warm enough I ain’t buying him a bloody heated blanket :joy::joy:

                                        • Dan R.

                                          Will probably turn up the size of a face cloth

                                          • Vicki R.

                                            Zac would love that in front of the fire

                                            • Katherine S.

                                              He already has one under his blanket on the sofa. :thumbsup:xx

                                              • Kerry G.

                                                Self heating yet the dog is lay by the fire.......

                                                • Paula N.

                                                  Apparently they’re rubbish x