Salt Crystal Lamp Just £8.99 @ Lidl

Salt Crystal Lamp Just £8.99 @ Lidl

I have been contemplating buying a Salt Crystal Lamp for a while now. They are said to be a natural and therapeutic way to bring benefits to your health and well being.

They are normally pretty pricey but from today you can pick one up instore at Lidl for just £8.99!

The Livarno Lux Salt Crystal lamp is handcrafted from solid salt crystal and has a soft glowing light. There are two designs to choose from, one is a bowl shape and the other is a traditional salt lamp shape.

Crystal Salt Lamps are believed to create negatively charged ions in the air. This is a good thing because modern day pollution and electrical equipment creates positive ions in the air which are potentially harmful to us and cause air quality in areas affected to deteriorate.

By using a Crystal Salt Lamp you replace the negatively charged ions in the air which helps us to feel positive and refreshed, which has got to be a good thing!

You can pick up your lamp in store only, but hurry once stock is gone it's gone for good!


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  • Kelly W.

    Ooh yes!!! I need one of those! Now to fit in getting to Lidl this week?!!!! X

    • Donna C.

      Bought one of these in Lidl last year - it's lovely, gives off a lovely warm glow. Well worth the money.

      • Rebecca G.

        I like the traditional looking one

        • Jamima C.

          Get me the standing one!!!

          • Angela R.

            I want the bowl one, I got the other at Xmas :heart_eyes:

            • May M.

              Luv it but were going fast x

              • Audrey L.

                I`ve went to two of these stores today and asked staff about-they said these gone just in few hours! I was so sad :(

                • Melanie R.

                  Ooh I'm so having one of these, bn after one for ages.:grinning:

                  • Rosemary S.

                    So have I Mel x

                  • Susan T.

                    Need to get another one x

                    • Ronny M.

                      Oh thanks hunni I've been trying to get one for weeks

                      • Sadaf A.

                        Definitely need to get one

                        • Amanda J.

                          I'm sure "positive energy" is another word for "psychobabble / pseudo-science"

                          • Hannah B.


                          • Victoria W.

                            Hope our local Lidl has them in :)

                            • Karen C.

                              Our Lidl sold out in 45 mins, too little stock for demand, not a happy customer, we all can't stand outside waiting for the store to open!!

                              • Lynne M.

                                Need all the positivity going haha

                                • Joyce N.

                                  You can get these on Amazon..we have them...beautiful :blush:

                                  • Rachel M.

                                    Ah I want these in every room xxx

                                    • Sarah M.

                                      I want one for my bedroom like xXx

                                      • Rachel G.

                                        I have one off these had it for years

                                        • Angela C.

                                          Want one but doubt there will be any left now. X