Reusable Enviro Laundry Balls & Stain Stick Just £5.50 @ Groupon

Reusable Enviro Laundry Balls & Stain Stick
Reusable Enviro Laundry Balls & Stain Stick Just £5.50 @ Groupon

I was talking to some Mums at the school gates the other day and they were telling me they had just swapped to using Reusable Enviro Laundry Balls instead of buying washing tablets, liquid or powder.

They said they worked really well so I went on a search to find the best price and found this bargain from Groupon!

One pack includes two Enviro balls, two Enviro ball refills and one stain stick all for just £5.50 instead of the £29.99 retail price.

This set eliminates the need for washing detergent, saving money and becoming much more environmentally friendly too. The two wash balls will give you 1000 washes before they need replacing.

Here are a few of the benefits of this set:

  • Up to 3 years’ worth of usage
  • Suitable for most kinds of clothes
  • No animal testing or harsh chemicals
  • No residue left on fabric from detergent
  • Environmentally safe
  • Natural
  • Easy to use and refill

Add two wash balls to the load instead of washing detergent and apply the stain stick to stained clothing, wash as normal but you don't need to have a rinse cycle, saving you money on the electricity.

At this price I am definitely going to give them a try!

Home delivery is £1.99.


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  • Holley J.

    Has anyone personally tried these? I've tried a few others and after the first couple of washes the laundry smells of stale water and the clothes aren't clean?

    • Daniel B.

      Yeh same :confused: I’d love to swap but they just done do a good enough job

      • Lynda D.

        I use the eco egg version, it's fine in colours and darks but I felt my whites had gone very dull so I've kept it for the colours and darks and use normal detergent on my whites I still use my comfort pure and all clothes and none of my laundry has a stale smell x

        • Holley J.

          The idea is you don't use fabric softener with these

          • Daniel B.

            But it’s probably better using these and softener if the alternative is using detergent and softener

            • Holley J.

              On my ecozone ones it says the build up of detergent can make the laundry balls less effective and it will be all over your clothes every time so that's why it says not to use any

              • Daniel B.

                Ohhh ok

                • Lynda D.

                  Holley Johnson yeah I agree and have tried it but I like my clothes can buy their version of softer but I really like comfort pure. I also have the eco eggs for the drier which makes the ckithes soft andbthe wee sent stick inside them makes them smell nice, so if it's a wash I can put in the drier I don't bother with the softer..I guess it a down to what each individual likes...I would have loved to have got away with just using the eco egg...but I'm still save g money and cutting down in plastic waste as my detergent last ages now.:grinning:

                  • Lynda D.

                    Holley Johnson forgot to add the eco egg days you can buy their softer or use your own...I have been using mine and the egg is still working fine...anyway hope this helps a little...I just need to find someone to do my laundry for me:joy:

                  • Shona M.

                    Ha ha....these are a different make to the one I bought.. I love mine XX use the eco egg ,clean linen, scented one