Retractable Clothes Line £4.49 Delivered @ Aldi

Retractable Clothes Line £4.49 Delivered @ Aldi

This isn't the sexiest deal we have ever done, but it's a flaming good one all the same. Grab a Retractable Clothes Line for just £4.49 at Aldi, oh and that includes FREE delivery.

This Retractable Clothes Line is made by Minky, so you know it's not going to fall apart.

The line itself is 25 metres, which is substantial, and can hold up to 25kg in weight.

This Retractable Clothes Line comes with all the fixtures and fittings needed to put it wherever you like.

These are ideal for those of you that don't have a very big garden. I had one of these when I had a terraced house and my garden was the size of a stamp. Those days I wanted to sit out, I would just retract the line.

My friend doesn't have a garden and she uses this in her bathroom to dry her smalls.

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