RelaxAir Inflatable Garden Lounger Just £15.99 (RRP £60) @ Home Bargains

RelaxAir Inflatable Garden Lounger

This lounger looks perfect for relaxing in this Summer and it is an absolute bargain too!

The RelaxAir Inflatable Garden Lounger is currently available for pre-order over at Home Bargains. It can be yours for the bargain price of £15.99 instead of its RRP of £60!

These loungers are perfect for camping holidays, the beach, festivals, poolside or for relaxing in the garden, they are suitable for indoor use too. They are available in three different colours, Blue*, Black* and Green*.

The loungers eliminate the need for lugging around chairs on day trips, they are great to even take on a picnic with you to make sure you are comfy. The best part about them is that they inflate in seconds.

They are super easy to set up and there's no tools needed. All the lounger requires is two scoops of air then you seal and clip it in and sit back and relax!

As these are on a pre-order they won't be available until the 30th July. You can Click and Collect your Inflatable Lounger for FREE to your local Home Bargains store. Or you can have it delivered from £3.49.

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  • Becky L.

    This is what we needed on holiday

  • Debbie G.

    I've got 2 but haven't tried them out yet xxx

  • Kelly A.

    That's what I bought :)

  • Jenny P.

    I actually looked at them for camping :blush:

  • Tracy G.

    Bought one of these takes a little practise, but once you get the hang of it they are extremely comfortable !! Worth the money and very portable as they fold up into a little bag XxX

  • Zoe H.

    we need these for our picnics lol x

  • Tracey H.

    I've got to phone company - see why it won't stay up!!!! X

  • Tracey H.

    The split is right down to floor, blow up bit pretty much in 2 parts & I landed on the bloody floor!

  • Graeme T.

    Already researched these they ain't that good

  • Jackie P.

    I so want one

  • Kim D.

    I really need one of those lol! xxx

  • Claire C.

    !!!!!!!! Camping essential xx

  • Nicola W.

    We looked at them yesterday in the range!

  • Helen M.

    Would be nice if we ever got to sit down! :joy:

  • Tracey H.

    It's air getting out that seems to be prob - these seal the same way x

  • Tracey H.

    Tho, I tried it in house, cudnt 'swish' so used hairdryer on cool - maybe it was too warm?? X

  • Debbie G.

    you need to swish :joy: xx

  • Denise P.

    Thanks I got one but had to return in. Wasnt any use...but sunk in the middle :blush:

  • Kirsty C.

    yeh true, suppose we don't get to sit that much do we x

  • Helen M.

    maybe buy the boys one! :blush:

  • Helen M.

    Just kidding I think I may get one x

  • Mary C.

    I want one lol.....

  • Nicola W.

    they are £24.99 in the range

  • Michelle B.

    Get it get it lol x

  • Kirsty C.

    £14.99 in home bargains x

  • Mary C.

    Cost a fortune to post here

  • Vicky L.

    I'd love one of these! X

  • L-d H.

    Oh wow......cheaper than I thought! They look comfy x

  • Charlene H.

    Ah well. Probably why they are coming down in price :/

  • Caroline C.

    Should get one!!

    • Laura C.

      At that price if it ends up like your sun loungers who cares! :joy::wink:

  • Lucy G.

    perfect prezzie for mum and dad!

    • Alex A.

      These were on dragons den the other day!!! Haha o

  • Sarah B.

    Theywere asvertised in home bargains at i think £15n

  • Steph C.

    I need me one of these!!

  • Sarah B.

    They look brill x

  • Sarah C.

    I'm going to order one!!

  • Lisa W.

    There funny to get off them xx

  • Claire D.

    for the caravan! Xx

    • Una S.

      Was looking at this yesterday, just watch this space x

  • Sarah J.

    Still waiting for mine to turn up from the last time these were on offer on amazon

  • Christie W.

    , I need these for camping!

  • Nikki S.

    the kids are desperate for one so perhaps an idea for xmas????

  • Una S.

    Will sort it xx

    • Una S.

      Ok, makes Christmas shopping easy, love it xx

  • Katy A.

    i might get one after seeing them at the vicars picnic! x

    • Kellyann B.

      Do it x

  • Jennifer W.

    absolute bargain!!!

  • Carole A.

    Yea, that's a fab price too :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Clair C.

    My neighbours got this and it's brilliant. Xx

  • Katie H.

    Can't beat Home Bargains :-)

  • Donna E.

    Yep no worries I've got 2 home bargain near me xx

  • Adam C.

    Woulf fit nicely at my place at work :grin::grin:

  • Danii R.

    :thumbsup::thumbsup::ok_hand: fab thank you xxx

  • Faye S.

    I'll have to get some now ! :heart_eyes::beers:

  • Laura P.

    we need one of these! :joy:

  • Claire C.

    ! I've pre ordered one!!

  • Abby C.

    I would use it as a second bed in my room too hahaha

  • Louise B.

    Yes ! What a bargain! I do now have my "ring" though..... Can I justify one of these too?!?! :wink:

  • Catherine G.

    Oh I think so!!! :grin:

  • Amy S.

    :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: bargain!! Xx

  • Sarah G.

    we need this in the office if we can't have sleep pods!! :joy: xx

  • Alix A.

    my birthday present ??

  • Maria P.

    These are cheap ! x

  • Karen C.

    People had them at the Kaiser Chief's concert we went to

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