Prestige A La Carte Electric Non-stick Cook N Serve £32 @ Amazon

pan1 Wow is it lunchtime already!?

Let's face it - with everything else we have to do life is just too short to spend hours and hours of it everyday in the kitchen.

I'm a big fan of  the shove-everything-in-one-pan-and-let-it-do-its-own-thing-for-a-couple-of-hours style of cooking, so all hail this fab electric cooker because it's just the thing for that.

It is ready to start cooking away in just 20 seconds and has an adjustable heat setting so you can brown meat first before adding everything else and then turning it down for a few hours, whilst you go and have a life instead of slaving over a hot stove!

pan2The glass lid lets you keep an eye on how things are going without having to take the lid off and letting all the heat and steam out in the process.  It's non-stick, has a 5.5 litre capacity and comes with a stainless steel steaming rack with detachable handles, tongs and fish slice.

The rrp on this is £59.99 but Amazon have reduced it to just £32 and the good old SuperSaver delivery option applies too, so there's nothing to pay on postage.

Thanks to MikeT over at HUKD!

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