Philips Imageo Adventure Candlelights £16.99 @ Amazon

Philips Imageo Adventure Candlelights

These pretty electric candles from Philips are £16.99 at Amazon, reduced by 42% from £29.35.

I’ve always loved candles, but in our last house, part of the rental contract said that we weren’t allowed to burn candles at all. These pretty little lights would definitely have come in handy!

These are rechargeable LED candle lights, easy to switch on and off by simply tilting the candle. The candles charge wirelessly, and the charger (which is wired, obviously) is included.  They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as the lights are water resistant – please note, resistant, not proof, so don’t float them on the  pond!

Since there’s no fire or smoke it’s safe to have around children and pets.

The light off these is quite blue, which is great if you like blue, but do bare that in mind if you’re buying. The reviewers on Amazon love them and think they’re great, although some do think that they’re a bit cheap looking. Some of the people who bought them, went back and bought two or three more sets – not because they don’t last, apparently they do, but because they’re so pretty and useful, and safe.

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