People Are Shunning The Antihistamines For These Hayfever Relief Wipes

Get them for as little as 89p a pack
People Are Shunning The Antihistamines For These Hayfever Relief Wipes

Summer can be a miserable time if you suffer with the high pollen count. You feel like you're always reaching for the Piriton, but people have been putting down the antihistamines in favour of these Nuage Hayfever Relief Wipes. Home Bargains, B&M and The Range are struggling to keep them on the shelves and from as little as 89p a pack, it's easy to see why.

If you don't have access to any of those discount stores or want to avoid the shops then you can grab a pack for £2 delivered from Amazon here*.

Nuage Hayfever Relief Wipes

The Nuage Hayfever Relief Wipes come in packs of 30 wipes, and offers to "remove and trap pollen, dust and pet allergens".

They work by wiping a wet wipes all over your face and neck, and the natural tea tree and peppermint oils do their job, so you don't have to reach for the medicine cupboard.

This sure beats the drug free alternative of smearing greasy Vaseline all over your snout.

If you're prescribed medication for your hayfever then it's advisable to seek advice from you GP before stopping any drugs.


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  • Claire A.

    Omg yes please!! Yesterday I was in the Peak District and I swear I nearly died :joy:

    • Fiona B.

      More wipes for landfill :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

      Use a flannel and water!

      • Leah W.

        get yourself up the shop son

        • Lesley A.

          are these what you were telling me about?

          • Zoe S.

            these are what I was talking about the other day x

            • Kristie A.

              not sure if these would be of any use to you xx

              • Samantha H.

                might be worth 99p and a go xx

                • Charlotte D.

                  These are brilliant I suffer from hay fever and can’t recommend them enough got mine from savers.

                  • Gary M.

                    First time using them today absolute game changers

                    • Toni P.

                      ordered some of these... looked on Amazon when they were out of stock. and about 5x the price!

                      • Rina M.

                        Do you know if these can be used for kids?

                        • Joanna P.

                          Haven't heard of wipes will have to have a look for some. Thanks! x.

                          • Nichola H.

                            Is there a savers in Irvine? Saltcoats? Mind Bodycare Probably have them. I’ll have a look here too & pop them in the post if I see some xxx

                            • Lucy R.

                              I’ll keep my eye out for you and Scott xxx