Paw Patrol Garden Set £24.99 Free C&C @ Home Bargains

Paw Patrol Garden Set £24.99 Free C&C

If you have a little Paw Patrol fan at home, they are going to love this fab Paw Patrol Garden Set this Summer!

It is a bargain £24.99 over at Home Bargains instead of the RRP of £34.99. Plus you can even Click and Collect your garden set for FREE to your local store.

If the set proves to be as popular as we think it will be, it may sell out. However make sure you head to you local Home Bargains as they may well have it instore too.

This 4 piece set includes a red and blue table, with a space in the middle for the fantastic Paw Patrol printed Parasol! It features some of the Paw Patrol pups including Marshall and Chase. It's great for keeping the sun off little ones in the Summer, they can take a seat at the table and cool off.

You also get 2 fold up fabric chairs, each with Paw patrol characters on. This set is suitable for 3-6 year old's and is a great buy for the Summer.

If you don't want to Click and Collect your item you can choose the home delivery option. Prices start from £3.49.

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  • Catreena M.

    Omg thanks xxx

  • Cece B.

    That's cute xx

  • Roxy S.

    I must get this for the girls x

    • Linda K.

      We have it with peppa pig its fabx

  • Cassie F.

    OMG I need this!! Xx

  • Kathleen F.

    love it

  • Paula T.

    Do they do adult ones?! X

  • Leanne C.

    That's ace! X

  • Sarah S.

    Lovely that xx

  • Karen N.


  • Kelly B.

    My son would love this

  • Victoria G.

    how cool!@

  • Sarah L.

    My 5 yr old son would love this, he's Paw Patrol mad!

  • Jade M.

    Awww sounds class

  • Sharon G.

    Ah love it xx

  • Jane M.

    This is awesome!! :grinning:I need it! Xx

  • Chantelle L.

    Aw how cute is that! Xx

  • Kirsty E.

    Need these

  • Sarah-Jayne W.

    how cute! Xxx

  • Dawn C.

    I love it xx

  • Caca M.

    Aww this is so cute :relaxed: thanks :kissing_heart: xx

  • Jodie T.

    we need this for the garden!!!

  • Joanne B.

    It's out of stock xx

  • Leanne S.

    Aww I love it

  • Jennifer H.

    Hahaha! I have the paw patrol theme tune ringing in my ears every day!! Xx

  • Marie P.

    Not bad price too x

  • Natalia D.

    my boys would love it x

  • James W.

    Pretty cool

  • Mairi R.

    Love it

  • Rachael C.

    Says sold out!!

  • Chris C.


  • Jenni W.

    Ooo that's cute.

  • Denise T.

    Just need the nice weather then :joy::joy: xxx

  • Annette A.

    Aww that's so cute x

  • Christine K.

    Love this x

  • Jenny B.

    Awww thats cute.

  • Kaytee E.


  • Shannon F.

    so cute!

  • Donna M.

    wow my lil boy wud love this

  • Sam C.

    how cute is this xxx

    • Pat C.

      Aw cute xxx

  • Aimee T.

    Wow the kids would love this x

  • Jessica L.

    That's so cool :heart_eyes:

  • Julia N.

    Love it! X

  • Rose D.

    Aww how cute is that xxxxxxx

  • Lindsay C.

    The kids would love it xx

  • Natalie S.

    how cute is this !

    • Victoria J.

      Need this how cute x

  • Sammie H.

    This is amazing haha! Xx

  • Lou S.

    They're sooo cute ♡ Can just imagine my two chilling on these ahah xxx

  • Emma S.

    Thats sweet xxx

  • Jo H.

    Ahh this is fabulous!

  • Charlie C.

    This is cute! Xxx

  • Bekki B.

    I need this urgently

  • Kaykay M.

    Omg in love xxx

  • Nikki W.

    Cheap as chips too!

  • Nicola S.


  • Louise S.

    Can you order online?

  • Lorraine W.

    Haha I love this :relaxed:xx

  • Paschal C.

    Aww love it :thumbsup_tone2: xx

  • Christina B.

    it looks good Xx

  • Maria N.

    OMG I'm loving it x

  • Samantha B.

    Marvellous x

  • Lauren B.

    It's sold out, gutted xxx

  • Louise H.

    Oh this is lush am gunna have a look now xx

  • Kirsty L.

    Thanks love this !!

  • Alison C.

    how cool is this!!

  • David A.

    My boys would love this

  • Louise R.

    Looks cool but would probably just get ruined. I think a plastic set would last better xxxx

  • Gill C.

    Sold out

  • Rhian P.

    That's so cute x

  • Louise L.

    This is cool

  • Sean H.

    It is amazing tbf

  • Josey G.

    Just in time for summer :sunny::sunny::sunny: xx

  • Alison C.

    My little boy would love this

  • Kelly C.

    Ma daughter would love this :heart_eyes:

  • Louise K.

    Aw this is ace! X

  • Jade B.

    That would finish off the garden perfectly! X

  • Colleen S.

    Awwww love it :) might have to get that xx

  • Hazel M.

    How much

    • Steph M.

      £25 reduced from £35

    • Steph M.

      free delivery

    • Hazel M.

      Just get it

  • Laura P.

    fi would love this!! C

  • Jade C.

    Selected home delivery and price went up to £32.

  • Steph C.

    Ordered :thumbsup_tone3:

  • Jolene W.

    Love these!

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