My Little Pony Retro Door Mat £15.99 @ TruffleShuffle

My Little Pony Retro Door Mat £15.99 @ TruffleShuffle

I am a sucker for a novelty door mat! As much as my husband thinks it's a waste of money pretty much every guest that comes to my home comments on them! I have had my eye on this Retro My Little Pony Door Mat for a while now but it keeps going out of stock. It is finally back in stock at TruffleShuffle but who knows how long it will hang around for!

This fab door mat is a must have for anyone who was a fan of My Little Pony back in the day or still is now! It can be yours for £15.99 from TruffleShuffle and has a lovely bright and colourful design. Perfect for welcoming your guests into your home.

On the front is your typical 80's style My Little Pony complete with a bright coloured mane. It also has in bold lettering 'Please Wipe Your Hooves'! I am sure you will get tons of compliments and people asking where you got it from!

It would make a great housewarming gift for a friend or family member! Home delivery starts at £2.95 or if you spend over £40 it becomes FREE.


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  • Donna S.

    we NEED this !!!! Get it get it

    • Laura D.

      :joy::joy::joy::joy:i want it

      • Samantha M.

        Abigail said she wish we could have that xx

        • Mandy J.

          Haha this is ace :joy::unicorn::rainbow::unicorn::heart:

          • Adam D.

            Won't be paying £16 for it although ez would have loved it outside her party house lol x

            • Sarah K.

              Oh my!! I'd love this!! X

              • Santana W.

                Oh my Jesus!!! I'm making Dion get this for us :joy::joy::joy:

                • Amanda M.

                  Oh this is awesome. Love it xx

                  • Kathy N.

                    That's the best thing ever!xx

                    • Becky M.

                      Yay I could get this for my summer house xx

                      • Vic B.

                        Love it!! :heart::heart::joy::joy: