Mr Tumble Something Special Toddler Duvet Set £10.99 (was £22.99) @ Very

Mr Tumble Toddler Duvet Set

When my daughter was younger she absolutely adored Mr Tumble! We couldn't get our hands on much merchandise as there wasn't a huge amount around. If this Mr Tumble Something Special Toddler Duvet Set was around when she was little I would have been snapping one up!

If your little one is a fan of Mr Tumble then this cute bedding set would be great to stash away for them for Christmas!

It is currently down to just £10.99 from £22.99 at Very.

This officially licensed Something Special junior set features Mr Tumble from the award winning BBC children’s programme.

It includes one toddler size duvet cover and one toddler size pillowcase. The duvet cover size is 120cm x 150cm and the pillowcase size is 42cm x 62cm.

You can Collect+ this item for free from your local Collect+ point.

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  • Toni S.

    Henley would be in heaven!!xxx

  • Louise B.

    Guna have to get it now it's half price :grin: xx

    • Louise B.

      Ye I hate character clothes so don't normally buy them :joy::see_no_evil: but ide let him wear it round the house :joy:he's obsessed with bing xx

  • Charlie Y.

    Aww yeah he would love this xxx saying that he’s never in his own bloody bed :joy: xxx

  • Ceira E.

    Be okay for milas bed to small for Maddox

  • Aisling M.

    Do they do king size tho lol

  • Jodie C.

    OMG no way! He’s not having this!

  • Kelly-Ann M.

    Thank you but he’s got a double bed and this is for a toddler bed

  • Amber W.

    Boy would love it but it’s toddler bed not single :cold_sweat:

  • Melissa R.

    No hasn't got toddler bedding:joy::see_no_evil:I just got it anyway cause there isn't much mr tumble things about..but he'll be out of his cot soon anyway xx

  • Stephanie J.

    How horrible is that :joy: Harvey would love it but probably won't like him by time he's in a bed lol xx

  • Lyndsay S.

    :see_no_evil: maybe this would help when Brodie eventually goes into a big bed :joy::joy:

  • Stephanie M.

    Love it :blush: I'll have to write to santa and see if he'll bring me this for christmas :joy::joy:

  • Karen D.

    Ha ha ha wouldn't could sleep

  • Rachael S.

    I am not doing her room like that lol x

  • Enya H.

    Oh mannnn what a bargain!

  • Narell M.

    It’s not a single bed size it’s a toddler bed size so no good xxx

  • Laura M.

    Love it! Hannah's in a single now and has just picked peppa pig and Elsa from frozen duvet sets :heart_eyes: maybe jack will like mr tumble xxx

  • Natalia S.

    Oh wow.. Tyler would go mental for that lol.. he'd never get outta bed xx

  • Chloe M.

    No way! I see enough of him :joy:

  • Victoria W.

    Forget that! It's toddler bedding :pensive:

  • Laura C.

    Think they only do singel though not toddler bed x

  • Natalie G.

    Thanks missus he’s got a Spider-Man duvet tho think he’s more into it :joy: I see enuf of mr tumble never mind on his bed :see_no_evil::joy: thanks tho x

  • Rebecca L.

    yes is never get him out of bed xx lol x

  • Fiore E.

    Justin in your bed - the stuff of nightmares! :joy::joy:

  • Gillian R.

    She’d be up all night yapping to him :joy: xx

  • Sarah S.

    :joy::joy::joy::joy: no most definitely not :joy::joy: xx

  • Ann S.

    As much as Daniel loves Mr Tumble he’s not having that :joy:

  • Kayleigh Y.

    She kicks off every time she sees this haha I'll have to get her one for her big bed after Christmas won't I haha x

  • Charlie A.

    The guys a creep! He isn’t being on our sons bed :joy:

  • Sarah W.

    Thankyou gonna get him one xx

  • Sarah O.

    You can even get pillow cases on eBay personalised with justin on saying sweet dreams! :joy:

  • Maggie H.

    That's so weird I had to sit through a live show this morning!! :smirk::tired_face:

  • Samantha C.

    Ohh this is cute :heart::heart:xx

  • Kayleigh Y.

    the only thing she hasn't got of him haha cheaper in home and bargain haha x

  • Colin C.

    O god we better buy linc one x

  • Anna R.

    OMG what is this?! Stuff of nightmares :joy:

  • Pete L.

    That's one way to get him to bed lol

  • Laura T.

    It’s tacky haha! Would look horrible in her room

  • Julie B.

    Toddler sized :joy: Zaks been in a double bed since 11 months old..he doesn't like actual Mr Tumble either, we have a cuddly toy that talks that he just throws on the floor, however I actually think he'd like this!!! Just need a double....x

  • Kristeen H.

    Absolutely no way!! And don’t you ever show her this!!

  • Rebecca M.

    :joy::joy::joy::joy: seriously freaky xx

  • Sarah H.

    I’ve had my eye on this for a while! xx

  • Sarah Q.

    Omg that what we were looking for thanks xxxxx

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