MASSIVE Bargains @ Morrisons

MASSIVE Bargains @ Morrisons

A little birdie told us that Morrisons have some seriously good offers just now, so I had to investigate. Right enough, they do. If you shop with them, then it's worth taking note of the super bargains you may be able to snaffle.

We cannot guarantee that you will find all of these items as stock availability varies from store to store, but we hope you do! They are all available online.

Here are the bargains to look out for:

Click here* to have a nosey over on the Morrison's site!

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  • Sharon B.

    That must be online only :-(. I just asked 2 members of staff instore up here who knew nothing and one was a manager.

  • Anthony S.

    Just been and only a few items are reduced

  • Kirstine G.

    Shame morrisons only deliver in a small area a bit behind the others no click an collect either :disappointed:

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