Make Your Own Slushies!

Make Your Own Slushies!

How expensive are 'Slushies' at the cinema? Crazy money, especially when I want like three of them, all to myself. I have tried to make something similar at home but it's never quite right. That was until I found everything I need to make the perfect one, on Amazon.

The most important part is the flavouring and if you have a smoothie machine that crushes ice, this is all you'll need.. Snow Cone Kit, complete ice slush kit includes 2x 330ml concentrated Syrup Flavours, 50 Cones and FREE Spoon Straws* £14.90 delivered by Amazon Seller: Source 4 me.

Here are other fantastic items that will help you on your way to making the perfect Slushie:

Fancy your Slushie abit boozy? Add a shot of the hard stuff plus these 330Ml Margarita Cocktail Syrup* or 330Ml Sex on the Beach Cocktail Syrup*.

On a diet? Worry not, you can have one too: Twin Pack of SUGAR FREE 2 x 500ml Red Strawberry Diet Slush Syrup*

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  • Katrina M.

    hmmmmmmmmmmm itd save me spending 2.30 a day at chippie gettin a slushie lol x

  • Cara A.

    Oh my god, I want one!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Jane C.

    I have this machine and it's fab, tastes just like the real thing :thumbsup:

    • Kay F.

      Iv just ordered this is it worth the money then x

  • Kimberley A.

    I think America are the only people that can do slushiea

  • Andrew C.

    Mint haha x

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