L.O.L Surprise! Single or Double Duvet Set From £18 @ Matalan

L.O.L Surprise! Single or Double Duvet Set
L.O.L Surprise! Single or Double Duvet Set From £18 @ Matalan

Oh my days, is it too early to start my Christmas shopping?! Never too early I guess when you see something that you just know is going to sell super fast!

I am snapping up one of these gorgeous L.O.L Surprise! Duvet Sets for my daughter. They are brand new in at Matalan and start from just £18.

The L.O.L. Surprise! Glam Duvet Set consists of a Duvet Cover and matching Pillowcase. It features some of the most popular L.O.L dolls on the front such as Miss Baby and Leading Baby from series one.

There are two sizes available a single size for £18 plus a double for £24 which comes with an extra pillowcase.

They are made from 52% Polyester/48% Cotton and can be machine washed and tumble dried.

You can Click and Collect your order for FREE from a Matalan store near you, or pay £3.95 for Home Delivery.


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  • Craig M.

    for Sophia? Especially the phrase in the middle:thinking:

    • Emma S.

      Omg!! She has a toddle bed :sob::sob::sob:

      • Scott W.

        shes got one :see_no_evil: thats why a bought it :joy::joy::joy:

        • Sharon M.

          need to get daisy one xx

          • Katy S.

            I know I’ve seen it :grimacing: I need a money tree to do their rooms :sob::sob:

            • Angela C.

              !! I can’t help think if u guys when I see lol dolls!!

              • Lorr C.

                We have that duvet cover! Garish to the extreme :joy:

                • Simone M.

                  Don’t! She’s getting the game tomorrow as a treat for sleeping in her own bed for two weeks!

                  • Kim T.

                    Grace would love this!! X

                    • Jamie M.

                      Emma you’re a hero!! Thanks xx

                      • Louise M.

                        I’ve seen it she’s got enough bed covers lol xx

                        • Gillian M.

                          That's the one Ls got lol x

                          • Vicky E.

                            Mum! Are you going to Matalan tomorrow? This is the cheapest I’ve seen them!! Xx

                            • Tara S.

                              Literally just on about this last night x

                              • Tara S.

                                Literally just on about this last night x

                                • Darren M.

                                  We got it for her birthday cuz lol. Cheers tho

                                  • Aimee D.

                                    Oh wow! The girls need these! Xx

                                    • Lorr C.

                                      M is a night rover so I usually give in and let her sleep in our bed :tired_face:

                                      • Michelle R.

                                        Yer just saying either 1 x

                                        • Ritchie B.

                                          I love this I call U in 5 x