Livarno Living Party Table & Ice Bucket £39.99 @ Lidl

Livarno Living Party Table & Ice Bucket
Livarno Living Party Table & Ice Bucket £39.99 @ Lidl

Well I know where I will be heading on Sunday 3rd June! Straight to Lidl to get my hands on one of these awesome Livarno Living Party Tables with built in ice bucket!

This is such a great idea for parties, a drinks table that has a built in ice bucket to keep your drinks nice and cold! It will be on sale for just £39.99 at Lidl stores from Sunday 3rd June.

It looks really stylish as well as practical. Just fill with ice and enjoy cold drinks for longer, thanks to its double-walled construction. It is also lightweight and sturdy, with a height-adjustable tabletop that can be used as a side table.

Underneath there is a drain for easily emptying the ice compartment. It is also weatherproof and UV-resistant so there shouldn't be any fading when it's been out in the sun.

See you at Lidl!


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  • Gemma M.

    why do we not have this! I’m sick of walking to the fridge every 10 mins lol x

    • Laura-Rose D.

      Only a penny cheaper than Morrison’s

      • Louise C.

        awwwww that's amazing :-) get one hahahah x

        • Lisa C.

          This is something we need!! Im sure morrissons do them xxx

          • Margaret M.

            Perfect :ok_hand:.

            • Jennifer D.

              £39.99 From Lidl - not bad lol x

              • Yasmin S.

                Guess I need to hot foot it to Lidl on Sunday :joy::joy:

                • Dawn W.

                  I so need one of those don’t I!

                  • Ryan H.

                    You don't need ice in Ireland

                    It's freezing

                    • Tracy G.

                      Oh I’m loving it & that’s my colour scheme:thumbsup:

                      • Lynsay M.

                        We’ve got one :point_up: xx

                        • Linda J.

                          Defo want one... Morrison's had similar last year but none left when I had the money :disappointed_relieved: xx

                          • James C.

                            It would make my life easier that’s for sure :blush:

                            • Kirsty C.

                              Won’t have to leave patio then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: xxx

                              • Carole G.

                                It would have to be our coffee table... But obviously not used for coffee. Unless we're having espresso martinis

                                • Samantha H.

                                  I see them in Morrison I love them x

                                  • Jaimie S.

                                    Want one :thumbsup::thumbsup::cocktail::cocktail::beer::beer::champagne:

                                    • Caroline A.

                                      Love it!!! Perfect for a summer evening in the garden. X

                                      • Cheryll N.

                                        Av got one:joy::joy::joy::joy:

                                        • Jo F.

                                          I know saw these today actually thought ace for next to the hot tub