Lego Storage Head £10.12 @ Amazon

Lego Storage Head £10.12 @ Amazon


This is both the coolest and most disturbing item from Lego that I’ve ever seen. This is a large, yellow Lego head that you can put things into for storage. Um. Well, on the plus side, if this is your thing then you will love the fact that it is down to a tasty £10.12 on Amazon.

The Lego Storage head used to cost £16.99 but is now £6.87 less. It also looks unnervingly like the spinning head from the original Tron movie. Zoinks! You can actually get the storage bricks on Amazon for a low price too – they range from around £8.34  each and are seriously cool.

I am really uncertain about this storage jar. I am. It’s almost as a spot for the ashes of dead Lego. Anyway, it only comes in yellow, fits all the toy safety regulations, and is strangely cool.

Thanks to goonertillidie at HUKD!


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