Koala Waist Hot Water Bottle @ Amazon Seller: U Dazzle

Perfect for someone who is ALWAYS cold!
Koala Waist Hot Water Bottle @ Amazon Seller: U Dazzle

Oh my, this is one of those things you never knew you needed until you saw it! How have I lived my life without one of these hot water bottles that straps around your waist before?! They have gone viral on Tik Tok and now everyone wants one!

As soon as I spotted this waisted hot water bottle at Amazon I had to order it for my Mum, she is ALWAYS cold! I mean we all know someone like that, don't we?!

When you order this set from Amazon Seller: U Dazzle you will receive a hot water bottle which has a 1 litre capacity plus a 112cm length waist cover.

With this cover you can fix the hot water bottle on your neck, waist, abdomen, back, hands or wherever you need it. The shape allows and provides gentle heating to cover and wrap specific body areas.

It looks like it will be great for period pain, bad backs, headaches and more.

This set is a little pricier than some at £15.89 delivered, however we have opted for a seller with great feedback and positive reviews. You can get it cheaper but be aware the reviews and feedback may not be as good. Here's the rest of the Waist Hot Water Bottles at Amazon*.

Home delivery is free of charge too.


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