Kids Shark Tail Blanket £5.99 (+ £3.99 Del) @ Go Groopie (Expired)

Kids Shark Tail Blanket £5.99

Wow! We thought those Mermaid Tail Blankets were cool but now we have seen the Shark Tail ones, we are more impressed.

The kids will go daft for these and they would make fantastic birthday or Christmas gifts.

These Shark Tail Blankets are £5.99 plus £3.99 delivery - so, £9.98 delivered from LED+More on Go Groopie. They say they would normally cost you £39.99 which is a little crazy if you ask me. I reckon I would pay up to £20 for one, but that would be my max.

Your child will be happy sprawled out in front of the telly on a cold night with a Shark Tail Blanket. Not only is it made from cosy, durable fleece material, but it's like a sleeping bag design so will be snug.

It's suitable for kids aged three to twelve years old.

How does this deal work? Use the link above and click on 'Buy Now'. You'll then be emailed your voucher with a link to a site, where you will redeem. Your Shark Blanket will then be sent to your home.

These Blankets can take up to 21 days for delivery and your voucher is valid 1 month from purchase.

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  • Lorna M.

    - it's like we would actually be in the movie:scream::scream::scream:

    • Jayne H.

      We sooo need this !!!! X

  • Charlotte W.

    Love it I need it :smile:

  • Kate E.

    Haha brilliant x

  • Polly P.

    we need at least one of these xx

  • Katie P.


  • Lucylle L.

    boys would love these. X

  • Marie C.

    That is awesome!!!!

  • Richard M.

    Sod the minis, I want one.

  • Clare G.

    the boys would love these

  • Hayley C.

    Love this great idea X

  • Jodie H.


  • Leighanne C.

    Ha love it x x

  • Karl M.

    i think Ellie neeeeeeeeds this!! :grinning: xxx

  • Mel W.

    Tyler would like one of these :thumbsup:

  • Victoria B.

    I'm going to order one for George!! :joy:

    • Gemma G.

      Ordered :ok_hand:

  • Victoria M.

    He would love that :thumbsup:

  • Lisa H.

    Love this .! Boys wld too. Xmas eve :christmas_tree:

  • Michala D.

    , I have just ordered 2 of these for the boys for Christmas :smile::blush::santa:

    • Clare H.

      Hi I just ordered two but only paid one postage and packing, is that how yours worked? I'm not sure if I've done it right?!

    • Michala D.

      Hi. Yes I also only paid for one lot of postage and packing.

  • Tracy E.

    Perfect x

  • Bryony H.

    He would proper love it!! :heart_eyes:

  • Claire S.

    If they're still in on Friday I'm getting them

  • Sophie L.

    This is so scary omg:joy::joy::joy: everything shark related remind me of the jaws ride :flushed::flushed:

  • Sophie L.

    imagine waking up in the middle of the night to see that:joy::flushed::see_no_evil:xxx

  • Rebekah O.

    yes. love them x

  • Carrie J.

    Love it!!! I'm going to get Ben one!! :heart_eyes: Xxx

  • Keira L.

    Ahhhh he would LOVE it!!! Xxxx

  • Sinéad B.

    must get 1 xx

  • Laura M.

    I want!!!! :smiley::heart_eyes::smiley:

  • Jennifer W.

    Love it xx

  • Gabrielle M.

    Oh that's good xx

  • Amy P.

    Love it xx

  • Kerry-Ann H.


  • Cathy M.

    OMG i have to get noah one of these!

  • Lucie F.

    Thank you :blush:. Think I'd need to get Jessica an alternative too x

  • Becky B.

    Louie would absolutely love it!!!! :joy:

  • Joanna H.

    That's amazing!

  • Sarah D.

    It's awesome wish I could fit into one!

  • Samantha E.

    Read reviews online about this company, all really bad :thumbsdown_tone1: people not getting their orders and struggling to get their money back.

  • Laura S.

    Literally the best thing I have ever seen!!

  • Fenella L.

    They look really nice. The boys would certainly like one xxx

  • Karenf

    anyone else ordered one of these and not received it? Tried phoning but says the mailbox is full?????!!!

  • Emma2y3

    I'm the same I've tried emailing phoning and their Facebook page is down and the website banner says account overdue!!! I've emailed Gogroupie and next I will submit a credit card dispute to get to get money back. I'm so annoyed my son would love this blanket.

    • U9t68

      I have not received it either, an utter farce, gogroopie had better give the money back.

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