Kids Bean Seat £12.50 @ Woolworths

kidsBeanSeat Woolworths are selling this kids bean seat for half price, £12.50 instead of £25.

When I was a kid, bean bags were THE things to have.  Sitting on the sofa with your parents just wasn't cool; lounging all over your bean bag WAS!

Now the humble bean bag seems to have become a little more sophisticated and refined; lounging on anything other than the sofa with your parents is still cool, but it's even cooler if it's your own bean seat in the shape of a chair.

This kids bean seat comes in three colours: hot pink, red and royal blue and is suitable for slouchy kids aged three years and older.

One reviewer says that's it's a little annoying having to empty the beans out every time she wants to wash the bean seat, which would seem to suggest that the beans are loose on the inside - this strikes me as a little odd as most bean bags/seats have the beans contained in a thin bag on the inside.

Delivery will cost you an additional £3.95 which may seem a little steep for some, but if it means you get to reclaim the sofa(s) from your kids then it's worth it as far as I'm concerned.

Thanks to emeraldzcity at HUKD

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