KidKraft Double Chaise Lounger £69.99 Delivered @ Costco

KidKraft Double Chaise Lounger £69.99

Oh my, I cannot believe how adorable this chaise lounger is! I can definitely see my 4 year old daughter chilling out on this in the garden! With Summer not far away now my thought's have turned to ordering some garden furniture and toys and this KidKraft Double Chaise Lounger is now on my list!

It is just £69.99 including free delivery and from looking around at other places that is at least £20 less than elsewhere.

This comfortable chaise lounger is designed for children so they don't have to use bulky furniture that is designed for adults. It comes with a wooden frame with a navy canopy over the top to keep the sun off. The canopy is 3 sided so provides a great amount of shade to keep the little one's safe from those rays.

The chairs themselves come with padded navy and white striped cushions and in between the chairs are double cup holders for keeping your drinks in. The chaise lounger is made with Sammu wood which means it is weather resistant wood meaning it can be left outdoors with minimal damage.

The dimensions are H 89.5 x W 85.5 x D 92 cm. This is new into Costco and will be sure to sell fast!

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  • Natasha R.

    omg how cute!!!

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      Bloody good price too x

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    Wish we had the weather for this :unamused:looks brilliant for the kiapa

  • Kylie S.

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      So cute xxxx

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    how cute

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    Omg need this badly lol xx

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    Yey costco!

  • Victoria A.

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      I want a go lol

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    I was looking and wondering if I could have a go myself!!! Ha ha ha ha ha

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  • Keelieann W.

    I'm on it......pestering the hubby.....:wink: x

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    how adorable is this :)

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      Omg that's well cute!

  • Kay T.

    Aww yes!!! Defo must buy for our summer BBQ xxx

  • Lucy D.

    how cute for kids

  • Rayla H.

    how amazing lol

    • Julia D.

      It's only £70 x

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    just need a pool in the back and this hahah xx

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    If we ever have a summer

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    I really think this is one of those essential purchases!!

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