Jo Malone Dupe Candles & Room Sprays From £3.49 New In @ Aldi

Jo Malone Dupe Candles & Room Sprays

As a huge fan of Jo Malone I was super excited to spot these brand new Jo Malone dupes on the Aldi website this week!

They have a gorgeous new collection of candles and room sprays but they are selling super fast! Prices start at just £3.49.

First up are these gorgeous two pack of candles which are brand new in. They are available in either Pomegranate Noir*, Lime, Basil and Mandarin and Pomegranate* and Lime, Basil and Mandarin*. These lovely candles are available in a two pack of 3-wick candles for just £19.98. The packaging and the scents are just beautiful and I cannot wait to try them!

Also available are the brand new Luxury Room Sprays which are just £3.49 each. You can choose from Freesia and Pear* and Red Roses*. The Lime, Basil and Mandarin* and Pomegranate* scents are currently out of stock online.

Anything that goes out of stock, fear not, head to your local store on Sunday 3rd December as everything listed here will be heading to stores on that date.

Home delivery is free of charge at Aldi.

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  • Kirsty G.

    My actual fav :joy::ok_hand_tone2: think Iv sent everybody in for them ... No3 my fav xx

  • Lucy D.

    Oh a wee Aldi trip is required

  • Kirsty D.

    Indeed! I have candles and diffusers :ok_hand_tone1:

  • Lucy S.

    Not number 10! I'll need to have a look :blush: xx

  • Julie S.

    :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: here we go again!!! I need them all lol

  • Jennifer B.

    So online a 2 pack of candles is £19.98 yet they’re only £3.98 each in store????

    • PlayPennies

      These are larger 3 wick candles, not the same size as have been in store previously. Sorry if we didn't make that clear. :)

    • Jennifer B.

      Phew! Thought there was a massive rip off going on!! I stocked up on the store candles, lush smell!

    • Leanne K.

      The larger candles are 9.99 in singles they are very big. You can pre order online too which is great.

    • Jennifer B.

      Brilliant, off to order!!

    • Helen O.

      They might be the massive ones they are bringing out as they are 9.99 x

  • Helen G.

    I want to get some of those 3 wick ones:blush:x

  • Laura B.

    Need to keep an eye out for the room spray! X

  • Michelle C.

    #1 is lovely. Got #3 (the reed diffuser) last week but the smell isn't as strong as #1 which has been going for weeks now!

  • Jade G.

    I just drove all the way there to realise it is on Sunday :pensive:

  • Roselyn W.

    The candles and reed diffusers are rubbish you can barely smell them :cry::cry: they have them in mine though xx

  • Krystal M.

    :see_no_evil: think I might have to try the room sprays :joy:

  • Sarah W.

    Ye and no 3 is the best x

  • Marnie B.

    They are fantastic, No 2 is my favourite

  • Sophie H.

    Yes. 3 wick ones it seems so will be big. Also got room spray now!! X

  • Emily D.

    I’ll be buying loads :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

  • Louise M.

    Great, I love this stuff :kissing_heart:

  • Judith M.

    I’ve got the candles too they are great x

  • Kerry C.

    I shall be trying to purchase these too I love them haha xxx

  • Kerry C.

    I love them :heart_eyes: especially the price and they look lush in my bathroom

  • Tracey Q.

    Never can get no2 it’s always sold out

  • Katherine D.

    I'll need to get some when I have money x

  • Lisa F.

    need to get some of these!!

  • Jodi M.

    I’ve got the reed diffuser in my hallway! I’ve had a candle aswell they are lush xx

  • Alfie B.

    Coming in on Thursday :heart:

  • Jennifer S.

    Literally bought one yesterday x

  • Julie B.

    Apparently not in shop till Sunday!! X

  • Michelle H.

    My wardrobe is full of them :joy: I stocked up last time they were in :thumbsup_tone3:

  • Margaret W.

    I need to go and look before they are sold out

  • Helen S.

    Yeah I have candles but they are a little different packaging xx

  • Chloe O.

    Omg you need to go get them am at work and will miss it xc

  • Ashley H.

    Be so nice in my new hall. Just need to talk Fraser into it lol x

  • Sophia S.

    There coming back in if I see one I will get u it xx

  • Carla M.

    Ooh!!! I LOVE these candles! The pomegranate one smells just like the jo malone one, & they burn evenly to nothing. I use the oil diffusers 2! Need this big one for dining table for Christmas! Xx

  • Shannon M.

    I’m not sure I really rate the number 3 diffuser I’ve got!

  • Lesley Y.

    I’ve ordered already lol x

  • Danielle R.

    Do they deliver it is it collect? How stupid am I not thinking of doing that when I live my life online shopping now :see_no_evil: xx

  • Marika B.

    Ooh candle if there’s any left?!

  • Nasreen N.

    will check in next day or so x

  • Lucy G.

    I need no1 it's smells like a new baby in the house :blush:

  • Elly M.

    Ooo what’s number 10? Haven’t seen that one before xx

  • Danielle R.

    The diffusers are my fav! Gota get the rooms sprays :heart_eyes:

  • Laura K.

    Oh I’ve not seen the sprays!! I’m going to go tomorrow I need candles anyway thank you Hun xxx

  • Catherine H.

    Haha me too sold out online already x

  • Laura K.

    Oh god definitely be there early then xx

  • Julie A.

    That's more like it! I'm off to Aldi :)

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