Irn-Bru Fizzy Drink Cans, 330 ml, (Pack of 24) From £4.87 @ Amazon

Including Xtra and Sugar Free varieties too!
Irn-Bru Fizzy Drink Cans, 330 ml, (Pack of 24) From £4.87 @ Amazon

edit : full sugar has sold out but extra and sugar free have been reduced even further now and folk are getting the 24 cans for as low as £2.99. Check quickly here*

Let me tell you why I am a big fan of Irn-Bru... it's a brilliant mixer for vodka and gin, and it's an even better hangover cure in the morning, when paired with a bacon roll. Move now and you can get 24 cans of Irn-Bru for £6.75, or Subscribe and Save, and use the 25% off voucher and all you'll pay is £4.87! That's mega cheap!

Irn-Bru Multipack

I keep to a sugar-free lifestyle, so I tend to drink Irn-Bru Xtra, it's more like the 'sugar' version than the sugar-free. Both of these varieties are also included in this deal, so I'm delighted.

With kids in the house we go through pop like there's no tomorrow, so I will be making the most of this deal. Plus, as I mentioned above Irn-Bru really is a fantastic mixer for those boozy beverages.

These 24 packs are ideal for when you're having a barbecue or just having friends and family over.

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