Inflatable Duck Bath £7.99 @ Argos

Inflatable Duck Bath £7.99 @ Argos

inflatableDuckBathArgos are selling this Inflatable Duck Bath for £7.99 whilst Amazon are currently selling something exactly the same, under another name, for £16.49 - have a look.

A couple of years ago my youngest suddenly took a great dislike to bath times; the SCREAMING that we had to endure for quite a long time was awful.

We never got to the bottom of why he'd get so upset  - we diligently checked the water temperature every time and it was fine, we tried all sorts of mild no-tears shampoo, we went through almost every brand of hypoallergenic body wash there is, in case it was reacting with his skin. And we tried not using anything at all, nothing worked.

The only thing we didn't try was something like this inflatable duck bath.

It's fun and friendly to look at and his beak goes 'Quack! Quack!' when you squeeze it. It's small and contained (maybe my youngest didn't like the huge expanse of the big bath) and has a quick release plug for letting the water out when you're finished.

The Inflatable Duck Bath also has a textured base to prevent slipping and has a White Hot ™ Safety Disc which reveals the word "HOT" when the bath water is too hot.

You can't collect this instore - I have no idea why - so you're going to fleeced £5.95 for delivery I'm afraid.

Thanks to jackiemary69 at HUKD


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    Standard delivery is free on this bath