Ice Lolly Making Set £6 @ GLTC

Anyone for an ice lolly? How do you fancy making your own with this cute lolly- lollymakers making set from the Great Little Trading Centre?

These no-mess lolly makers are cup shaped at the base to catch any drips, with a straw to help little lolly fans suck up all the melted juice at the end. They're dishwasher safe and measure 16cmH.

lollykidAt £6.00 for a set of four ice lolly moulds you'll have saved your money on these in no time, plus you can make healthy lollies with only natural ingredients, if you so wish.

I have a set of similarly-designed lolly moulds and the little straw part is ingenious and means that even little tots can wander about with their lollies without getting in a sticky mess.


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