Hive Lights Starter Kit (Hub with 2 Dimmable x E27 Screw Smart Bulbs) £39.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Hive Lights Starter Kit

I have never seen the Hive Lights Starter Kit so cheap! I have been wanting Hive Lights for ages, as it works with Amazon Echos and Dots "Alexa". Head over to Amazon now and the Hive Lights Starter Kit will cost you only £39.99, instead of the usual £99.99!

What do you get in the Hive Lights Starter Kit?

  • Hive hub
  • Two x E27 Active light bulb

Why is Hive Lighting so popular? The lights can be dimmed using your mobile, tablet, laptop or with an Amazon Alexa device.

You don't even need to be in the house to do it! Think of the money and energy you'll save with this/

Shadowing is reduced with the wide 240 degrees beam angle.

Delivery is FREE!

Can you program Hive Lighting to switch on at a specific time?

Using the Hive App you can schedule your lights to come on at different times throughout the week and choose the brightness level.

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  • Carly B.

    this is what Molly wanted for her bday!

  • Ffiona J.

    Yeah right they can stay there for that price :see_no_evil::joy:x

  • Anita R.

    I have similar already for Alexa :heart_eyes:

  • Paul C.

    Lol just tell the boys to turn the lights on/off much cheaper

  • Rebekah S.

    Ino there expensive light bulbs I’d rather turn them off myself :joy:

  • Maureen S.

    Thank you. Good idea but not at the moment. Think Hive should be sending a free one anyway! xxx

  • Sande G.

    That's what I want for the upstairs :blush:

  • Andy H.

    It won’t do Scottish accents. Just like the rest of the world. Ha ha.

  • Kirsty J.

    Do you think she will bloody listen :ear: ALEXAAA :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Christian F.

    problem is we have spot lights in the kitchen and office AND dining room, so thats 16 bulbs.....

  • Peter N.

    Nah wee hen.... Id get the sockets though x

  • Charlie R.

    not bad may have to payday

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