Himala Reusable Cotton Pads 10 Pack £3.99 @ Amazon

Ditch the make up wipes and use these instead!
Himala Reusable Cotton Pads 10 Pack £3.99 @ Amazon

If you're looking for a more planet-friendly option than make up wipes this set of Himala Reusable Cotton Pads are perfect. They are fantastic at removing make up and great for using on little ones instead of wipes that don't biodegrade. Plus they are just £3.99 for a pack of 10!

These bamboo reusable makeup remover pads are the softest cotton pads you can find, they are tested and proven to be safe on even delicate skin. They are also 100% organic.

Get them in a pack of 10 for only £3.99 at Amazon. Using Himala's cotton pads will be economical for the environment as well as your pocket, there are enough pads to last the entire week which can be washed and reused again in the laundry mesh bag

Even after washing repeatedly, these reusable cotton rounds are proven to stay soft and gentle on your skin. They also remove all types of make up so ditch the wipes and use these instead!

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