Heated Electric Clothes Airer From £19.99 @ GoGroopie

Save up to 78% off the retail price!
Heated Electric Clothes Airer From £19.99 @ GoGroopie

During the Winter heated airers are the way forward. I struggle to dry my washing without having the heating on 24/7 and the tumble dryer, and I have been looking for a heated airer for a while now.

I am definitely snapping up one of these Heated Clothes Airers at just £19.99 at GoGroopie, it's such a fab price. I have been looking at these for around £100 elsewhere!

The Heated Electric Clothes Airer is a convenient way of drying your clothes quickly inside. Simply plug it in and relax whilst your washing is dried! You can also upgrade to a winged version, where you can have twice as much washing.

This heated clothes airer normally retails for £89.99 so it really is a cracking price. Another great feature is that it folds down easily and compact for storage.

There are two heated airer sizes available: Standard Model: 94cm (L) x 50cm (W) x 74cm (D) or the Winged Model which is slightly larger.

The standard model is £19.99 and the winged model is £29.99 instead of £99.98. I am definitely grabbing one of the standard models to dry my towels in the Winter!

Home delivery is £6.99 per order.

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Reply to
  • Louise S.

    Silly question but would it only dry the washing in one area, not all over?

    • Emma B.

      lol I've always thought same

      • Vikki G.

        Yeah but if you cover it with a sheet or towel it keeps the heat in and dries everything

        • Louise S.

          Thanks Vikki x

          • Katie H.

            I bought one a few years ago but only used it once - such a rubbish design! Heat rises so this didn't work at all. I didn't try covering it though!

            • Louise S.

              This is exactly what I thought too x

              • Kimberley B.

                I haven't tried covering it, very good idea. Otherwise it's a complete waste of money.

                • Hannah C.

                  I tried covering it, but still rubbish. It is good for socks though!

                  • Sarah B.

                    Well mine works well!

                    • Katharine K.

                      I've got this. Only good for drying big items (duvets, winter coats) quickly by lying them on top.

                    • Kelly J.

                      This is a fab idea for us!! xxxxx

                      • Carly A.

                        I need this in my life!!!!!

                        • Carly A.

                          You sent it just as I was hanging washing on an airer that will take forever to dry!!!!

                          • Leah T.

                            Are the heated ones good? X

                            • Kymberly V.

                              Yes they are amazing!! And it smells all nice too!! Xx

                              • Kymberly V.

                                You just turn the clothes every now and again it heats the room too so naturally drys loads quicker! Xx

                                • Jackie B.

                                  I've seen these they look really good

                                  • Amber B.

                                    On offer for 20 well good

                                    • John R.

                                      As someone else said would it only heat the bit that is in contact with it

                                      • Lyndsey W.

                                        You'd be better getting a dribuddi

                                        • Sadie W.

                                          That's a bargin. How ever I order something last September from them, it took 3 months and 15 emails to get my parcel and they take the money ASAP. Have seen these on Wowcher. A little bit more tho. They do look good. Xxx

                                          • Phae T.

                                            I have one it's good for airing the clòthes after u iron them with the New steam irons

                                            • Kristy H.

                                              I Need One Of These! :grinning:

                                              • Jennifer H.

                                                No longer needed ive a tumble dryer :joy:

                                                • Jennifer R.

                                                  No, it would dry all of it as the hot air drifts through it. But I get the same effect with an ordinary airer with no heater on my landing. Wet, spun clothes dry overnight. And no cost for electricity xx

                                                  • Tracie D.

                                                    I think we could both do with one (or more) of these. X

                                                    • Leona D.

                                                      They're good though aren't they. X

                                                      • Tracie D.

                                                        Yh and tbh even if you got it full price it's still worth it. X

                                                        • Eileen S.

                                                          Waste of money an ordinary aired will do the same at no cost