Hamburger Stufz Burger Stuffer £3.45 Delivered @ eBay Seller: systemgadget

3 June 2016
Hamburger Stufz Burger Stuffer £3.45 Del

Me and my husband are guilty of sitting watching food videos on Facebook. You know the ones I mean - the recipe always required cheese to stuff the dish with. They then cut it open, it all oozes out and I feel the drool run down my chin.

Want to make the ultimate stuffed burger? Grab one of these Hamburger Stufz Burger Stuffer from eBay Seller: systemgadget for just £3.45 with FREE delivery.

You could keep it simple and use three cheeses or get more ambitious with the contents of your cupboard and fridge.

Sure, you can poke a dent into some mince and make your own homemade stuffed burgers but this Stufz tool will produce burgers Gordon Ramsey would be proud of.

They are also sealed with the Stufz Burger Stuffer, so you shouldn't get all your filling oozing out.

I am snapping one of these up and I am going to do Chilli Con Carne Stuffed ones for my next barbecue!

If you don't wish to have your Hamburger Stufz Burger Stuffer delivered, then you can collect it for FREE from an Argos store near you instead.

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