Half Price Twin Pack Yankee Candle Signature Reed Diffusers Now £14.99 @ Very

Half Price Twin Pack Yankee Candle Signature Reed Diffusers Now £14.99 @ Very

If you are a fan of Yankee Candle then you will know that their products don't come cheap! One of my favourite treats from their collection are their Signature Reed Diffusers although I have always found them very pricey.

I am snapping up a few from this fabulous offer over at Very. They have Twin Pack Yankee Candle Reed Diffusers half price!

You will need to be quick to get your hands on these gorgeous Reed Diffusers from Yankee Candle. They are down to just £14.99 for a twin pack instead of £29.99 and are selling like hot cakes!

You can choose from either Vanilla Lime and Fluffy Towels* or Fresh Cut Roses and Clean Cotton*. These make fantastic gifts too so why not grab a couple to be split up or given together at Christmas.

These lovely diffusers give you 8 weeks of fragrance and are a great way to freshen up a room without burning a candle. It's great if you have little ones about as they are much safer than having a naked flame. The reeds are made from rattan and help to release the fragrances into the air consistently. Distinctively designed, each of the glass bottles are hand-decorated for a touch of individuality.

You can pick up your Yankee Candle Diffusers for FREE from a Collect+ or pay £3.99 to have them delivered to your front door.


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  • Martha R.

    Omg I need a very account! xxx

    • Sarah W.

      look xmas pressies from you to me!! :stuck_out_tongue:lol xx

      • Yvonne H.

        this is the page I was telling you about x

        • Maureen K.

          Thank you xx

        • Samantha C.

          Lime and fluffy towel ?xx

          • Lucy H.

            Christmas present for Gran! X

            • Lucy H.

              They also have a 16inch trolls bike x

              • Sue H.

                not big enough x

                • Lucy H.

                  What size does she need? X

                  • Sue H.

                    20 probably x

                  • Samantha C.

                    Ordered that us straight xx

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                      I still need to fetch you your parcel lol xx

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                        No rush its more hid at yours ha xx

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                          Lol yeah I suppose, I'll keep it here if you want xx

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                            Yes they are would be better if you could pick which 2 though lol xx

                            • Janice S.

                              That's what I thought but bet there both OK x

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                                Well ive got about another 10 coming tomorra #dannysbkatwork :joy:

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                                  Lets go wed :joy: im kid free xx

                                  • Ell N.

                                    That's good they normally that for one x

                                    • Leah G.

                                      Yeah it's a steal. . Clean cotton ones nice xx

                                      • Janine W.

                                        - know you love a reed diffuser ;)

                                        • Susie S.

                                          I do love a diffuser