Goodmans Electric Multi Frying Pan £19.99 @ B&M

Goodmans Electric Multi Frying Pan £19.99 @ B&M

Every now and then, I will come across something that'll get me all in a tizz. This is one of them. I love a good fry-up, so when I discovered this Goodmans Electric Multi Frying Pan for only £19.99, I practically threw my purse at the laptop screen - TAKE MY MONEY!

Not only is the Goodmans Electric Multi Frying Pan really cool but it sells for £49.99 in most places, so you're saving a thirty quid by snapping one up in your local B&M store.

The Goodmans Electric Multi Frying Pan allows you to cook a Full English/Scottish/Welsh/Irish Breakfast all in one go!

Plus you don't have numerous pots and pans to clean either as this is one Frying Pan with 5 split sections that lets you fry, cook or boil 5-6 different foods at the same time.

Comes with a wooden spatula.

This item plugs in and isn't used on the cooker.

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  • Nicola S.

    we need to get one of these xx

    • Lisa R.

      perfect for me 1 pan lol x

    • Amanda S.

      They are selling in aldi this week 29.99 i think xx

      • Ruth H.

        Gotta get me one of these :heart_eyes:

        • Lynnie

          is it easy to wash as obviously can't go in the sink ?

          • Lynn T.

            Is it awkward to clean though? Doesn't look like top comes off to wash anyone know ?

            • Robert S.

              Plugs in?? So no cooker needed lol

              • Laura D.

                These are good aren't they :grimacing::grimacing: only one pan to wash at the end haha xxx

                • Helen D.

                  Haha breakfast all done at the same time haha xxx

                  • Paul P.

                    You don't need it, there's no better taste than a greasy :egg: frying pan.

                    • Denise M.

                      Definitly a saving of 20 pound though. !!

                      • Anne R.

                        Oh please get me one of those....:smile:

                        • David M.

                          But where do I put tottie scones square slice haggis and black pudding x

                          • Holley J.

                            Make sure it's not the non stick cheap coating that's really dangerous for our health

                            • Jennifer L.

                              We seen this last night I'm getting it lol

                              • Leo J.

                                We need 1 of these :grinning: xx

                                • emily4456879879

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                                  • Wendysharp321

                                    I've tried to find this in three different stores today and they don't have any stock. Rubbish you can't order it online!

                                    • WolfBaginski

                                      Tempting. And it's just got a mention from B&M in their email newsletter (Oct 8). same price.

                                      • WolfBaginski

                                        Nothing special about the coating and only on or off, no intermediate setting. Uses the standard 3-pin C13/C14 connector rather than the high-temperature kettle type. but the standard kettle lead will fit. Since the connector is at the end of the handle there's no problem, but the supplied lead won't fit a kettle.

                                        There's a trade-off between the power and the quality of construction, if you have a hob, you can get a far better unpowered pan for the same price. It's more for family-scale cooking anyway.