Glow In The Dark Duvet Cover Sets £8.99 @ B&M

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I love these Glow In The Dark Duvet Sets that you can buy for £8.99 in B&M stores. They sound like a great way to help kids struggling with bedtime or lights out.

They come in Single Size and have a reversible duvet cover with glow in the dark stars, and a matching starry pillow case. There are just the two colours available, black or pink.

Unfortunately B&M do not offer online shopping, and they advise you to contact your local store to see if they have the items you want. You can use the store finder tool on their website to get contact details.

There is no detail on the B&M website about the materials, washing instructions and so on, but if I manage to pick up one of these I'll update this and let you know.

I'm going to get one to help with a temporary 'fear of the dark' thing that we're struggling with at home. I'm hoping this might do the trick.

Thanks to Haylhoo @ HUKD.

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