George Tell The Time Clock £8 @ Asda George

11 February 2016
George Tell The Time Clock £8 @ Asda George

If anyone knows an easy way of how to teach children how to tell the time, then please let me know. My boys really struggle with it and so did I as a child. Asda George have a Tell the Time Clock for just £8 and it looks like it might just be the helping hand I need.

The George Tell the Time Clock is battery operated and is meant to be mounted to the wall, but there's nothing to say you couldn't use it without the batteries as a teaching aid.

With it's large numbers in different colours and the centre of the clock broken into fractions too, it's an ideal teaching clock. The hands read 'hour' and 'minute' so that your little one never gets mixed up with the two.

I think for £8, this might just save some stress when teaching the kids how to tell the time.

You can Click and Collect the George Tell the Time Clock for FREE from an Asda store or pay £2.95 to have it delivered to your front door.

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