George Foreman Four-Portion Grill And Griddle £34.99 @ Amazon

George Foreman Four-Portion Grill And Griddle £34.99 @ Amazon

If you get yourself over to Amazon, before they put the price back up, you'll be able to bag yourself a rather splendid George Foreman four-portion grill and griddle for £34.99 instead of its usual £69.99.

I'm in love with George Foreman grills of any size; they cook from the top and the bottom at the same time and fat drains away into a drip tray, thanks to the sloped non-stick grill plates.

They have floating hinges too, which means you can cook thick food as well as thin, so you're not limited to just grilling things like bacon.

If you're worried that all the fuss surrounding George Foreman grills is just marketing hype then you need to read some more glowing reviews - you won't be short of reading material for a very long time.

These are great for cooking in a healthier way for your kids and a lot of people take them away camping too...

"We bought this product for our recent camping made cooking so easy, 8 sausages , 4 bacon and the eggs are not frazzled they cook perfectly. I do use fry light spray oil on the plate before breaking the eggs. I wish i'd bought one sooner..very happy with the results. The plate is even hot enough to put a pan on to warm the beans/tomatoes. 5*"

There is often talk of the heated plates being difficult to clean, here's a tip that one owner has posted to make cleaning your 'George' a piece of non-stick cake...

"I find the best way is too just turn it on to medium heat, leae it a few mins and then wipe it with kitchen roll and the fat will just glide off (this is the same for any non-stick surface that gets a bit gunky). Be careful though as obviously it will be very hot."

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