Freebie: Heinz Tomato Seeds (Or With Purchase)

Grow Your own Heinz are giving away 10,000 FREE tomato seeds on their Facebook page. You need to ‘Like’ their page and then press on ‘Click here for a chance to win’. You'll find out immediately whether you've won or not. I personally didn't, but others have!

Last year Heinz gave away free seeds, but I think they had such high demand they've chosen to do it in a lotto system this time. If you win, fill in the form with your details and they will send out the seeds to you in the post with about 5-7 days for delivery. If you don't win, you can enter every day till the 16th June to try again. I tried unliking the page and liking it again, but didn't win either, so don't think that works.

If you don't win, but really want the free seeds, you can head to Tesco where you’ll be able to get your hands on free seeds with 700g bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

My kids absolutely loved planting their tomatoes last year, and it was great watching them grow, and the sheer pleasure at getting to eat them was well worth the effort too.

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