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I am not very good at gardening, which is unfortunate since I have a fairly big garden to look after. I do try my best but weeding and mowing the lawn is about it with me. When I was a child though, we grew these mega tall Sunflowers and that was so much fun. We even did a competition and mine grew the tallest. You can share this fun with your child and get FREE Sunflower Seeds from the BBC's Gardener's World. There's 4000 packs available so you will need to be quick to avoid disappointment.

You get to choose which Sunflower variety you wish for too:

  • Giant Yellow (50 Seeds): A tall, bright yellow Sunflower with an ability of growing to 1.8-2.7m (6-9ft).
  • Kong (20 Seeds): A tall, multi-stemmed kind of Sunflower that bears lots of yellow blooms over a long period. May grow to a height of 4.2m (14ft).
  • Mongolian Giant ( 10 Seeds): Extra large seeds, with bright yellow flowers that grow up to 45cm (18in) across and can reach a height of 4.2m (14ft)
  • Pike's Peak (10 Seeds): Extra large seeds means the extra tall plants can grow  up to 3.6-4.5m (12-15ft). It has gold/yellow flowers measuring 35cm (14in) across.


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