Free First Aid Course For Schools

St John's Ambulance I once saw a bus hit a car, which in turn sent a cyclist flying through the air and under another car. It was harrowing, but myself and a few other people jumped out of our cars and helped the cyclist, and a bunch of the drivers and passengers until the ambulances arrived. It was a pretty intense experience, and in that moment I was glad for the countless hours of first aid training our headmaster had made us go through every year in my school. I hated it at the time, but right then, all those ABC's kicked into place for me. It's a valuable gift to be able to give another person: the gift of saving their life.

On the 20th of June St. Johns' Ambulance will be doing a first ever live stream free online first aid session into classrooms of 7 - 16 year olds across the country.  It'll start at 2pm and last roughly 50 minutes.

If your school, or your child's school isn't signed up yet, I'd be requesting that they do.  All they need to run the session is  any computer with an internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer), a screen and speakers.

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