Free First Aid Guide @ St John Ambulance

You’ve probably seen the rather gut wrenching ad on TV? The woman looking at a picture of presumably her child as the voice over talks about children choking or falling and hitting their heads? Then she stands up, looks at a picture on the dresser, smiles, catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror, and hauntingly looks the viewer in the eye?  It’s horrible, but attention grabbing.

Diana Hill, Co-founder of The Essential Parent Company says “As a mother, I know that the summer holidays can be a fraught and nerve-wracking time when all of a sudden, you find yourself solely responsible for the safety of your children. Not knowing what to do when your child suffers a serious accident is an all too common problem, but importantly, an entirely preventable one. That’s why I’m delighted that at The Essential Parent Company we have joined forces with St John Ambulance to help and educate adults about the importance of learning first aid for children and babies. Through increased awareness we can enjoy a care-free summer safe in the knowledge that we are ready to act should we need to.”

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