Fisher Price Sing With Me Stepstool £14.99 @ Toy Realm


I sometimes think it is totally unfair that grownups don’t get stuff like this. A step stool that sings. SINGS! How cool is that? Picture it – you are tired and fed up and have a long day ahead of you when you step onto this dude and it starts to sing you a little happy song. Hey? Now you’re cooking. He is down from £19.99 to £14.99 at Toy Realm which is a discount of 25%.

Sing with me Step Stool not only helps toddlers reach the sink, it also brings fun and good hygiene habits to the bathroom. The stool features a cheery character with hands that toddlers tap to start a song so they know how long to wash their hands and how long to brush their teeth. Based on widely recommended standards, a 30 second wash-your-hands song and a 2 minute brush your teeth song help toddlers know when to start and when to stop. Stool has non-skid stripes for secure footing on an extra-large surface to help the youngest of toddlers. Step stool is a great partner in the potty training process too!

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