Final Reductions On Children's Garden Furniture/Tools @ B&M

Final Reductions On Children's Garden Items

Hold the fort! I need to get down to B&M. They have applied the final reductions to their Children's Garden Furniture/Tools and it's ridiculously cheap. Okay, so it's August and we are limited to how much sun we are going to get now, but when items start at 20p you got to buy now. Store it in the shed for next year.

So what is there?

You cannot buy these online but you may just find them down your local B&M store. If you don't know where that is, then you can find it here*.

Thanks to j0sentina

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  • Helen K.

    Brilliant! We should go and have a look x

  • Kim A.

    got my patio set this morning :-) fab prices, also lots of toys and kiddies garden tools massively reduced x

    • Kim A.

      ooo thanks for the heads up :-) I don't like to spend a fortune on things for the garden incase they go walk about lol x

    • Mandy S.

      I have the pink swingseat and its fab had it since start of july x

  • Natalie D.

    Bargains! :thumbsup:

  • Maureen G.

    They good prices x

  • Sarah D.

    Wished we had a b&m closer

  • Francesca M.

    Ill nip tomorrow xx

  • Danielle H.

    They are class.

  • Lynn R.

    What them all xx

  • Jodie H.

    need to go have a look xxx

  • Katie B.

    Love them!

  • Allison M.

    , - could be worth a look xxx

  • Carly R.

    I didn't see any of these?! I'd have bought the patio set if I did for £5

  • Chantelle G.

    the tent & swing :heart_eyes::beetle:

  • Charlie S.

    I want them all lol x

  • Lisa M.

    Will need to pop in xx

  • Amanda T.

    Might pop down tomorrow xxx

  • Tasha B.

    Ineed it all lol never that cheap in mine :(

  • Shaylor D.

    None in charlton store

  • Emma D.

    Think I may have to pop by a BM'S over the weekend x Love the ladybird swing seat!

  • Cindy M.

    I'm going to have to go tomorrow xx

  • Stacey G.

    Might get the bench and swing sets x

  • Leanne K.

    Those deals are ace.

  • Kelly B.

    and think we need a trip to B&M!

  • Katie B.

    I thought the Bench looked good too

  • Melissa B.

    Omg we need to go!! Xx

  • Joanne S.

    Wow lets go

  • Clare M.

    Omg need to get these

  • Claire F.

    check these out! :relaxed:

  • Tanya R.

    ! We're going to the nearest b&m tomorrow!

  • Kay A.

    Owwwww so cute!!!! Xx

  • Becky H.

    I'm there xx

  • Gemma K.

    I'm tempted to buy for when I get a garden at these prices :joy:

    • Gemma D.

      Are they online or do we have to go to the shop? Xx

  • Susan P.

    OMG picnic bench and swing chair so cute!

  • Grace K.

    I hope they have some left 2moz xx

    • Grace K.

      Ahhh wicked I want the bench one plz xxx

    • Grace K.

      Can't believe it's only a tenner :dizzy_face:xxx

  • Clair H.

    love the wee picnic bench! X

    • Emma D.

      Need to pop in tomorrow and see if I can get one! X

  • Katharine P.

    worth a look if you are passing

  • Melanie S.

    Omg x

  • Sammie S.

    Well that's given me sumut to do tomorrow!! Thank you hun. I'm soooooo there! Xx

  • Steph P.

    Oohh will have to have a trip down x

  • Sarah D.

    I was in B&M on Sunday and they didnt have anything left. Very poor. Think they only had a couple of each item, swing and picnic table. Garden/summer toys isle was almost empty. X

  • Georgia K.

    They've never got them when I go!

  • Samantha M.

    gutted I paid £30 x

  • Kerry R.

    Look good doesn't it I'm tempted haha xx

  • Nicola H.

    Excellent so that's Sainsburys AND b&m I need to visit tomorro xx

  • Rose B.

    , , , have a look at these they look fab

    • Samantha M.

      I'll b visiting tomoro! Thanks for that xx

  • Denise M.

    Love the bench :heart_eyes: bet they sell fast!! Xxx

  • Dani W.

    Yeah I like the swing seat and the picnic bench xx

  • Megan E.

    Oh my god!!!

  • Faye A.

    Ladybird tent ;)

  • Fi M.

    Going now to see

  • Ayesha S.

    I want the tent lol x

  • Jo R.

    oh wish id looked for the picnic bench when i was in bnms today :disappointed:

    • Anne H.

      There was 4 in yesterday morning but I've been off since so don't know if they have gone.

  • Joanne R.

    None left in Cardiff x

  • Charlotte P.

    None of these in Nuneaton today! I did however ask them for the cinema light box from yesterday....!!! Ermmm wrong shop that's was in HomeBargins!!!! I slunk away slowly when I realised....

  • Yvonne L.

    Good prices eh.x

  • Sean M.

    Really cheap that xxxxx

  • Sue N.

    I'd have gone today at them prices love xxxxx

  • Charlotte W.

    Omg!! See why i am b and m queen!! :joy::joy: xx

  • Jody W.

    - for next summer!!

  • Shaunnah F.

    the lady bug stuff is cute xx

    • Jade S.

      I've tried our one yesterday most sold out got a plastic table and chairs pink for £4.h x

    • Shaunnah F.

      That's good xx

  • Terri-Ann W.

    I got the last picnic bench from my local b&m last week but was £19.99, well worth it because my 2 year old absolutely loves it.

  • Charlotte W.

    Seriously need a garden!! Xx

  • Samantha R.

    How cute are these!

  • Dawn B.

    The tent looks good and the swing seat but I'm not going to have chance to go till Monday xx

  • Jess C.

    how lush are these xx

    • Hayley M.

      Aww they're canny xx

  • Nicky K.

    I thought them 2 the best 2 xxx

  • Laura L.

    if the weather ever cheers up!

  • Sue B.

    I was in B&M today and saw none of this lol

  • Andrea G.

    All sold out in Darlington, bishop Auckland, Ferryhill, Stockton, billingham & shildon :flushed:

  • Helen W.

    Got them all yesterday

  • Hannah O.

    I love them.

  • Sara W.

    , these are good offers

  • Alisha P.

    I'm going tomorrow xxx

  • Sandra M.

    Better get down there x

  • Claire C.

    we need a trip to B & M! Xx

  • Leanne M.

    Wow I might have to pop there tomorrow xx

  • Annmarie L.

    Will have a look x

  • Amy L.

    Thank you xx

  • Sarah D.

    So cute x

  • Jennie W.

    Omg!!! These are SO cute! X

  • Emma K.

    Oohh know where I'm heading tomorrow :thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1:

  • Kelly M.

    luv the picnic one !

    • Garrett R.

      We will pop along in the morning

  • Emma-Louise D.

    Aye. There was only 1 of each left today. I got a frozen one for £4.99.

  • Sonia E.

    Bargain! Xx

  • Chloe K.

    look at the ladybird stuff :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Jean D.

    Need some of them

  • Lyndsay K.

    ... I need to go!! Z

  • Rebecca K.


  • Louise P.

    Love these!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: x

  • Nikki B.

    thank you x

  • Rishelle A.

    Omg I neeeed lol!! X

  • Katie M.

    - I'd love the picnic table!

  • Anna A.

    I want the bench!!!!!

  • Niki K.

    They are great bargains!

  • Hayley H.

    I want one of these swing seats for the girls

  • Zara A.

    Bet haven't got in our store here. Quick trip up there tomorrow I think

  • Amanda P.

    Pool got nothing left and truro only got 2 of the normal swings left x just rang them and a few plastic chairs n tables x

  • Natalie E.

    Love the bench

  • Stacy T.

    I know, the prices are insane! Wish I had a garden I'd have the lot! X

  • Lisa M.

    Looks good!

  • Georgina M.

    I'm going tomo x

  • Kate A.

    Coincidentally I was in there earlier. Didn't see a single one of these tho. Still managed spend £22 :pensive:

  • Laura H.

    fingers crossed they have some left. worth a look thou x

  • Kate M.

    I got the chairs with parasol for £1.99 the other day girls love them xx

  • Emma H.

    I may go sunday morning see if i see any bargins xxx

  • Sinéad B.

    Jeez they're good!

  • Alana O.

    Love love love! xxxxx

  • Emma M.

    Awesome x

  • Alison T.

    Thanks lovely will pop in xxx

  • Gina C.

    I'll see if I can get some xx

  • Lucy W.

    WHAT!!!! Where's the nearest B&m? Xx

  • Tracey H.

    I went to the big one last week and only had a few left. Xx

  • Natalie P.

    idea for the garden

  • Sarah D.

    Oo will have to go and have a look, thanks x

  • Lynda S.

    Flipping heck cheap xz

  • Georgia-Kate K.

    we will have to go and have a look over there next week x

  • Sophie F.

    I know bargains, but u can't buy online and don't seem to be any stores this way :kissing_heart:

  • Kerry H.

    , we need to find a b&m tomorrow for a picnic table! X

    • Kerry H.

      fab! I'll be there first thing x

  • Tanya S.

    I'll look tomorrow x

  • Annalïse D.

    Oh my god!! Amazing! Off to clear my bank account :joy::joy:

  • Louise W.

    we're on the hunt tomorrow! Xx

  • Jazz B.

    b&m I want the swing only £9.99 bargain!

  • Rachel C.

    Ooh I'll go tomorrow :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Nicola T.

    Thank you! X

  • Jacqueline H.

    Awe why didn't they have them when I was in :rolling_eyes:

  • Kieran A.

    Well get some the weekend

  • Shaz B.

    Cracking :thumbsup:

  • Lelly M.

    Aw man! We need a bigger garden!!

  • Serena B.

    love the bench :grinning:

  • Becki P.

    That swing seat!! :heart_eyes: xx

  • Leanne H.

    It's all lush lol xx

  • Kelly S.

    Love them!!!!! :heart:

  • Debbie H.

    Love B&M x

  • Carly N.

    how cute is this tent

  • Heidi P.

    we should go and have a look!x

  • Lindsey B.

    Probably be none left in our store ha x

  • Christine B.

    - I should have gone tonight after all!

  • Sinead C.

    Wow wow wow got to get some :thumbsup_tone2::heartpulse:

  • Clare G.

    Funny enough we are going in there tomorrow so I will be checking this out. Thanks x

  • Angela F.

    Aw love the picnic table x

  • Angela B.

    Fantastic prices

  • Margaret M.

    look at that swing seat :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

    • Margaret M.

      Need to have wee look.xx

  • Danielle T.

    Ooh! Thanks xx

  • Sophia S.

    How cheap !!! Xx

  • Leia B.

    So cheap xx

  • Helen C.


  • Laura G.

    childrens swing!!!! :joy:

  • David F.

    We will have a look tomorrow xxxx

  • Lynsey H.

    . How cute is the ladybird tent.

    • Fiona S.

      That is very cute.

  • Abby A.

    some nice stuff for the kids x

  • Kirsty M.

    Picked these up today at these prices in Blantyre fab bargain

  • Susan D.

    Oh my gosh so cheap thanks x

  • Vicki T.

    Picnic table is brilliant. We use it as their main dinner table atm ( because we don't have a main dinning table yet) it gets wiped down with antibacterial wipes every day. Paint is still perfect. Had it for 4 months now :)

  • Sarah S.

    how cute are these! :heart_eyes:

  • Susan B.

    Fab all we need is sunshine !

  • Nicole P.

    Cute!!!! X

  • Michael H.

    I wish lol. All sold out. :)

  • Jenni D.

    Can I get the swing pleaae? How do.i pay?

  • Cheryl L.

    Love the swing seat xxx

  • Arlene D.

    the chair with parasol for £1.99 unbelievable. X

  • Princess G.

    I went up today and everything was sold out :sob::sob: xxx

  • Linda E.

    Might need to see what they have got.

  • Claire C.

    picnic bench well cute!!!

  • Beccy L.

    Hahaha I want that ladybird tent for myself :joy::joy:

  • Emma W.

    9.99 for picnic table !

    • Susan C.

      Think we need to go browse see what they got x

  • Evelyn W.

    On it! :) xx

  • Mick F.

    got plenty in Weston :-)

  • Laura-Marie M.

    If you treat the wood before putting it outdoors, colour will stay for a good while... cant expect it treated for £20..

  • Amy J.

    Oooo will take a look!

  • Rach H.

    kids would love swing seat xxx

  • Dominee B.

    There were some Thursday when I was in

  • Dominee B.

    We can hold for 24 hours so you could always ring store and reserve

  • Ben H.

    Lets get them all

  • Hannah M.

    - the bench is cute!!

  • Andrena M.

    Have to go to b and m

  • Claire G.

    we need to go to b&m

  • Rae C.

    the picnic bench!! Xx

  • Paige L.

    Aw I want that swing seat x

  • Rachelle M.

    Oh my god! I need to get to b&m :see_no_evil:

  • Shona

    They have some cracking offers in the Craft and Design department too, things starting from 10p.

  • Jess H.

    we need to find a b&m shop xx

  • Nicole R.

    That's so cheap! :thumbsup_tone1:xx

  • Tina C.

    Thank you xx

  • Hannah P.

    Haha defo may go out there tomoz xx

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