Fairy Non-Bio Gel 2 for £6 @ Asda

24 January 2011

fairyNonBioGel Asda have a 2 for £6 deal on Fairy Non-Bio Gel at the moment.

Nothing can prepare you, your wallet, or your washing machine, for the relentless laundry onslaught that comes from having kids in your family; nothing.

It makes no difference whether you have tiny babies, toddlers or teenagers, it's always the same - 90% of the vast quantities of weekly washing belongs to them.

Laundry detergents aren't a luxury you can drop from your shopping list, so it makes sense to keep an eye out deals like this 2 for £6 on Fairy Non-Bio.

Washing powder that goes in the drawer, washing powder tablets in string bags that go in the drum, washing gel capsules and gel that you squirt into a 'thing', I've tried them all and it's the gel - like this Fairy Non-Bio - wins hands down for me.

You have absolute control over the amount you use, without ending up with a drawer clogged with powder; small wash (it can happen on the odd occasion), use a tiny amount of gel. You can also use it as a pre-wash stain treatment too if you put a small amount directly onto a stain before putting washing.

The usual price for 667ml of Fairy Non-Bio Gel is £4.69 - you can have two for £6 and being Fairy and non-bio you can rest safe in the knowledge it isn't going to irritate sensitive skin.

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  • Colin J.
    I hate this stuff, impossible to tell how much your using, even using the right amount only gives 25-30 washes per bottle. The large Surf bottles for a fiver (84 washes) are much better value, in my opinion

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