Eye Check £10 @ Boots


Boots have an offer on eye checks right now, charging just £10 instead of £25 for your treatment.

I can't imagine losing my eyesight and fortunately it's not something that runs in my family, but it is something I think of some times. Boots say that having an eye check is a key part of keeping your eyes healthy and your vision clear - now I'm not sure how an eye test can do that? Perhaps by getting you glasses if your eyes are strained... you'd have to speak to the experts to know more, I suppose!

When you print off the voucher above (click on it to go to Boots and print) and ring Boots for an appointment (the number's there too!) you'll be given a thorough eye health check including digital retinal photography. This helps them monitor the health of your eyes on an ongoing basis. Their professional optometrists will check your eyesight and advise you on prescriptions, and then advice from the Boots Opticians team will be available too.

If you think you need an eye check, take advantage of the offer from Boots.

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